1943s Men's minimalist fashion regain the retro taste

Hangzhou Kuangsheng Clothing Co., Ltd under the 1943s brand to 25-38-year-old population as the core goal, mainly for the pursuit of quality of life and details, and establish a personalized life and style Dress concept, pay attention to wearing a comfortable environment-based, with a mature consumer philosophy Urban fashion man. Subversive popularity, the concept of these four words implies 1943s designers emphasize and insist on the original design, but also 1943s brand interpretation, creation, promotion of a kind of elegant clothing, leisurely, a 1943s personality, a design The core advantage. 1943S follow this concept to 25-35-year-old urban personality fashion men as the core consumer groups. Their pursuit of freedom, emotional, changeable, unique and modern concept of life, stress comfortable to wear, based on the lifestyle with a mature concept of consumption as the basis for product creation and design. 2012 autumn and winter, 1943S from the selection of fabrics to the design of the style, are closely follow the international trend, the minimalist style to play well!


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