2011/12 autumn and winter women's color and trend guide

Leads: PaulPelssers has provided guidance on the colors and trends of autumn/winter women's clothing for the 2011/12 season. With the theme of 'Autumn', impeccable new development, technological magic, contradictory contours, etc. are your choice.

Autumn/winter 2011/12 is a season full of expectations. The colors are vivid, bright, soft, practical, fashionable and natural, and face many choices.


Theme: Autumn

A group of warm, intense natural style swatches, sandy soil, chipmunk, mocha soup, chocolate brown bring us back to basics, mineral yellow, mecca orange, rosewood and Other popular colors add to the fun. Light gold adds a sense of metal. Color blocks and architectural elements give people a sense of superiority and freshness from head to toe. Plus fun quality double-sided workmanship.


Autumn/Winter 2011/12 is a season that faces multiple choices. Impeccable new development, technical magic, contradictory contours, etc. are your choice.


Tweed: Chanel is still the absolute leader of tweeds for a reason. Always associating and reinterpreting the eternal theme, their impact this season is obvious. By unraveling the yarn, an unexpected wear-edge design makes this updated striped tweed dress a new look. Broken, semi-old, imperfect elements add fun to classic styles. Tweed provides a sense of structure, whether it's producing a shoulder pad or a kind of waist-strapped jacket. For lighter weight, a soft touch is often obtained by mixing silk, and drape adds femininity. When focusing on the crotch, the tweed provides a dramatic and dramatic dramatic appearance, while asymmetrical cuts avoid punks. An elegant mix of rustic style and urban fashion.


* Introduction to Paul Pelssers LTD.

Paul Pelssers is a member of the Color Committee of the United States. Paul Pelssers' color and trend guidance is a collection of information gathered by industry experts at international designers' conferences and in-depth research results that will influence the men's and women's markets in the coming quarter. At the same time, Paul Pelssers publishes color and trend forecast reports twice a year at IFFE.

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