2013 Ho Ka summer summer conference was over

Haijia Shi 2013 summer apparel conference was held on March 10, 2013 in Haijia Shi headquarters for everyone to show the most stylish personality Haijia Shi 2013 summer new, invites the country's new and old customers scheduled to participate in this event, visit the Hai Jiashi feel brand fashion women's personality style, to seize Hai Jiashi brand of fast fashion trend of the pulse!


Haijia Shi discount women's focus on professional discount women's, a pivotal women's brand, an internationally renowned brand value women's retail network. Credentials inherent resources, Haijia Shi discount women not only the quality of their own brand of low-cost dreams, and the collection of thousands of models, and the domestic eight schools formed a strategic alliance thousands of brands, products fall and winter fall and winter should be covered Women quarter, full shop is full of ladies, more stylish, more ladies, more sexy, more affordable, more discounts! Cloud clothes Ni shadow, charm to do. Wearing out the taste of clothing piercing personality! Hai Jiashi successfully met the woman's "favorite", a woman's charm wardrobe.

Four seasons reincarnation, went to the spring season. March 10, Haijia Shi from all parts of the country franchisees marching together step by step Garments Co., Ltd. Foshan Foshan City, to participate in the Haijia Shi brand new summer 2013 launch event. Haijia Shi tireless efforts in the development and the pursuit, I believe our cause will go further and longer.

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