3.15 jewelry inspection mostly fake

3.15 jewelry inspection mostly fake On March 15th, the “June 15” gemstone jade free appraisal result was not optimistic, and most of the jewellery jades sent by the public were “fake goods” and “secondary goods”.

Near noon at noon, the reporter went to the provincial Bao Yushi Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of the Yuhui Building in Fuzhou East Street. The citizens who came to the inspection had long queues. Ms. Chen told reporters: “I’ve been in the queue for more than an hour. To catch up with '3·15', I can identify my jade bracelets that I’ve traveled to buy in foreign countries for a rare opportunity!” However, the waiting result was not satisfactory. Ms. Jade Bracelet was identified as processing Jade (B cargo).

It is understood that many jewelery and jade appraisal organizations in Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Quanzhou have participated in yesterday's free appraisal activities, including the provincial Bao Yushi Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, the provincial gold and silver jewellery testing center, and the Fujian Ruixin Jewelry Testing Agency. Fuzhou Daixin jewelry testing agency, Xiamen Geological Palace gold jewelry testing center.

According to the statistics from the Provincial Baoxie Association, as of 3 pm yesterday, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Quanzhou received a total of 1,876 citizens for the inspection of jewellery and jade, and identified 2,785 jewels and jades. Most of the samples submitted were jade, Hetian jade, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, and pearls. However, after identification, most of them deal with jade (B), synthetic rubies, synthetic sapphire, synthetic emeralds, dyed pearls and so on. According to the oral dictation of the citizens, the above-mentioned jewellery and jade were purchased mostly by tourist destinations, as well as "ancestral ancestral".

Buy jewellery at a tourist destination and take a sip!

For the identification results yesterday, the Baoyu Stone Association of Fujian Province reminded consumers to purchase jewellery at tourist destinations. It must be a bit sloppy. If it is impossible to determine whether the jewelry is genuine or not, it is better not to buy it. In addition, the provincial treasure association also specifically listed some of the problems encountered in the jewelry purchase process for public reference.

The largest difference in the price of jade According to reports, about 3,000 yuan in the wholesale purchase of jade bracelets, the market may need 10,000 yuan, some businesses even marked hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then hit a three-fold. Because there is no clear standard for the price of jadeite, and the people are keen to emerald, the price is very high.

Therefore, when buying jade, it is best to bring knowledgeable friends. In the small counters, stalls, tourist attractions and other places to buy jade is even more cautious. Although each jadeite will issue a certificate, the certificate can also be faked. If you do not understand it, even if you purchase jadeite in your country of origin, you still have risks.

The diamonds purchased abroad may not be reliable. According to the technical personnel of the Provincial Baoyu Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, in recent years, more and more people have purchased diamonds and been deceived abroad. From the experience of previous inspections, many diamonds purchased abroad are mostly processed diamonds. About 70% of the diamonds are 1-2 levels lower than the original ones, so the price difference is about 20%.

Low-cost gold jewelry is certainly not enough color According to the provincial treasure association, low-priced selling gold jewelry is certainly not enough color, or the more profitable stores to sell more. Gold testing stations in the province have repeatedly found that the gold content of jewelry marked “1000 gold” is only 92%, and some even only 70%. According to national regulations, the gold content of 1,000 gold must be greater than or equal to 99.9%, the gold must be greater than or equal to 99%, and the 18K gold should be no less than 75%.

Cheap Hetian Yu mostly "cottage" goods According to reports, currently on the market most of the Hetian jade used Qinghai jade and jade. However, Qinghai jade has a coarse texture, high brittleness, and high transparency. It is often exposed to the sun and rain, and is easily cracked and discolored. The texture of the jadeite is delicate, the water head is fuller, and it is a plant-like oily luster, often used to impersonate old Hetian jade; Glass, pebbles, etc. can all be impersonated, and the public should pay attention to discrimination.

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