Analysis on the Brand Innovation of Textile Fabric Enterprises

Analysis on the Brand Innovation of Textile Fabric Enterprises Foshan Xiqiao is one of the earliest textile fabric bases in the country. With the increase of labor costs in the coastal areas, textile fabric enterprises in Xiqiao, Foshan are more concerned with using innovation to win the market. High, fine, and sharp are the same types of companies in other regions. The difference between products, Huilong Textile is one of the most representative companies. Huilong Textile is the first casual fabric designed with the concept of imitation jeans. One type of product has been selling for many years.

Over the past 20 years, Huilong Textile has had its own large-scale design and development system. It has been different from other fabric manufacturing and trading companies in setting up sales outlets in various textile cities across the country and frying the trade pattern of homogeneous fabrics in the reselling market.

Huilong Textile's main customers are domestic men's clothing brands, salesmen and designers will hold fabric samples with their brand style and market trends, sample pants, go to the clothing brand company, take the initiative with the designer of the clothing brand Communicate with purchasing managers and constantly amend your design ideas. When thousands of original fabric design samples are selected and displayed in the fashion designer's eyes before each season, the scale of innovation has already formed an advantage. The success or failure of the company has become a foregone conclusion.

"The company's innovation has so far been divided into three phases. The company will have a plan every 10 years: The first stage will start from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. At that time, our company was mainly operating on chemical fiber wool. The second stage is the period from the beginning of 2000 to the stage of 2010. The company’s operations are mainly based on imitation jeans. The third stage is where we will go from the next decade of 2011. We must look at the industry from the perspective of the world, global, and human. The company has established an independent R&D department to develop innovative, personalized, market-oriented, and unique products after 80 and 90 to welcome the company's future.” Ms. said.

The current clothing brand purchasing manager is not the same as before. It may have been more concerned with fabric production costs before. Now that they know that the same decisions that determine their survival are also innovations, they always want to buy original fabric designs and are willing to protect such original fabric design companies, and all these biggest actions are often bought out at a certain premium. The fabric.

In the eyes of managers of many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the cost of developing new products is too high. It is impractical to see the actual orders before they can be operated, and it is still necessary to achieve quantitative (most of the time, this quantitative requirement is the first time the brand company will pre-order meetings. Hard to reach). They said one after another: “We also know how to manage a good company, but the cost of fabrics has risen and the company's production capacity has decreased. Time has also been spent.” If we measure the huge textile production capacity and fabric supply speed as a measure of a company’s core competition If the strength is low, their argument is not unreasonable. Each company's financial status, machinery and equipment, management style determine their market positioning and target customer choice. However, if domestic enterprises have always stayed in the market by relying on low prices, they would rather use the labor force of one hundred workers instead of the development cost of a technological innovation professional. They would not have their own road to innovation. The road to their development may become worse. The narrower the walk.

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