Autumn and winter underwear beautiful and practical both external and internal equally important

External importance, "internal" is equally important, underwear for women is very particular about, both from the design and appearance are very important choice. Kang Lu Ni 2013 autumn and winter new lingerie combines the beauty and comfort of the practical, absolutely not to be missed.


Photo credit: Kang Lui brand underwear 2013 autumn and winter new products

Although the thick winter and autumn clothes so that you less a lot of opportunities to show full chest line, but the choice of underwear but still can not relax, with breast-effect bra, hold your perfect chest throughout autumn and winter, fine thread embroidery Process, highlight the luxury and elegance.

秋冬内衣美观与实用并重  外在与内在同样重要

Photo credit: Kang Lui brand underwear 2013 autumn and winter new products

Enthusiasm of the red is the best choice of this year, 5/8 cup all-round coverage of the breast, a strong gatherer effect so that you instantly have a charming cleavage, glossy combination of lace embroidery, double effect more three-dimensional, Broaden the side of the connection than high otter, heal fat under the armpits, wide shoulder strap to reduce wearing pressure.

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