Bangji deer summer cool summer dress cool and comfortable dress up

Bangji deer children's clothing is a more emphasis on aesthetic children's clothing, pay more attention to children's wear, can be seen from the dress Seiko secret agents, this summer Bangji deer also bring you a different wear experience, take a look at the summer comparison Suitable for what kind of clothing Whether it is adults or children, the summer vest is essential, how can such a tantric cool? This vest style, Floral butterfly embellishment, the shoulder also point, dark green bow particularly prominent, coupled with a pair of denim shorts refreshing. Dress is also a Tan Liang Tan dress, this cherry dotted dress style is very vibrant, summer is not only to be more cool and more fashion, cherry embellishment to make the overall color becomes more vivid, the cherry itself is a red Undiscible beauty.

NR Bengaline Plain Fabric

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