Black and White Point Causes of PP and PE

In PP, PE recycled materials, manufacturers will encounter a lot of problems that are difficult to solve, and today we will give an example. As we all know, some of the recycled materials are imported from abroad, such as Japan, the United States, and South Korea. There is a kind of PP, PE film, which is difficult to identify with the naked eye. This kind of film has better transparency and smoothness. However, when you get on the car to the extruder, there will appear a small amount of black spots. In this process, the temperature control is also appropriate. And there is no other impurity incorporated, why is there such a black spot? The reason is that this kind of film is coated with a kind of anti-ultraviolet coating when it is produced. The temperature of the paint should be decomposed when the temperature is about 120 degrees, and the paint is grayed out at 150-160 degrees after the film is plasticized. It is the black spot that appears above. This leads to a reduction in the price of the film and a loss of production. Therefore, some manufacturers must pay attention to such PP and PE films when they are purchased, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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