Bosideng: Fashion Witnesses Successful Dreams Create Miracles

In September, the annual Jiangsu International Costume Festival kicked off on September 7 at the new building of Nanjing International Expo Center. In the meantime, the world-famous Bosideng with its “Autumn Down” new products, Bosideng menswear, BOSIDENG RICCI women's wear, and other high-profile debut in an international, stylish manner, demonstrating the Bosideng to promote the four seasons strategy, steadily promote the transformation and upgrading of the latest Achievements. Bosideng was also awarded the title of “Jiangsu Province Top 30 Manufacturers of Home Textiles (Home Textiles) Brand”. Shi Heping, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, was awarded the title of Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd. and Gao Dekang. .

What deserves special attention is that Bosideng's new concept series “Autumn Down” launched during the Festival of Apparel creates new highlights for autumn consumption with its thin shape, bright colors, and trendy style. Autumn is not as bright and moving as it was in spring and summer. Traditional materials are also difficult to make major breakthroughs in colors, styles, and fabrics. Bosideng's “Autumn Down” can exert its unique advantages not only in fashion but also in autumn-oriented innovations: the high-purity duvet used is lighter, lighter, and lighter and softer than normal autumn clothing. Never lose the basic function of warmth. According to reports, Bosideng "Autumn Down" advocates a new concept of "Autumn Inequality", breaking through the traditional concept of down jackets, using ultra-thin fabrics with exquisite tailoring, designed to contain 90% of cashmere, but only weighs 260 grams Autumn vitality slim high down. Not only enriched the Group's product line, but also created new market demand for light and thin feather products.

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