Bossini borsos casual wear 2011 spring new products

Recently, the well-known casual wear brand bossini released the 2011 spring new products, as the field of domestic casual wear quality brand, each season bossini clothing new products always be loved and sought after by many consumers this season bossini's New Design inspired by Texas Industrial City. In order to show the rough men's temperament, designers blend the details of the modern city of Texas and the local rock music elements, make extensive use of industrial and urban landscape prints of Texas, hit nails design, cultural photos, whole body printing elements such as clothing, printed T-shirt , Polo, water scooter jacket, checkered shirt, denim series with nostalgic colors are the main heat this season. In the women's series, bossini pursues romantic style, trendy lace, hand-woven flowers, frivolous uniforms, idyllic denim and floral designs, creating beautiful, sweet, natural and fresh pretty sweet girls In the romantic garden, touch the wonders of nature. The new season of new bossini clothing will bring colorful spring metropolis elite!

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