British production of tea shirts to get rid of traditional fiber restrictions

Business Club April 13th According to the British Telegraph report, British fashion designers have teamed up with fiber scientists to develop a garment that is both leather and textile-like and lightweight. This fabric has been used to make shirts, jackets, women's clothes, and even shoes. The British called it a "tea shirt." Because it is made by the British favorite tea beverage.

In collaboration with the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK, the scientists at the Imperial College in London, UK developed the new type of fabric, the tea shirt, which is believed to be highly practical. It can also be processed, dyed and melted to create another one. Clothes, this is the charm of the tea. Researchers are convinced that such innovative and sustainable fabrics will increasingly become the direction of the textile industry. Traditional raw materials such as cotton, wool, and leather are affected by increasingly high prices, and their use will be increasingly limited.

The tea shirts they developed were made from special blends of waste green tea water, sugar and other nutrients. The green tea mixture stimulates the growth of Acetobacter-like bacteria to grow cellulose filaments. After two weeks of wear, the clothes became more and more firm due to the action of cellulose. In the meantime, they also added a lot of bacteria to the cellulose tea juice, which caused it to adhere to the clothes surface. After drying, the tea shirt clothes are transparent, similar to transparent grass paper.

Professor Paul Freeman, a molecular biologist at the Imperial College in London, said, “Bacteria naturally grow cellulose fibers, which are linked together into lumps, which, of course, often cause fabric surface irregularities. So scientists We can think of ways to make it strong and durable, with a smooth surface. Such clothes are as solid as leather, and even if they are torn by hand, there is no way to break it."

However, as of today, to allow people to put on this kind of clothes to go to the streets, they still face some challenges, such as the smell of such clothes is too strong, because the bacteria species continue to breed. To overcome such problems, it is still necessary to study. Of course, it is necessary to set standards for large-scale production.

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