Casual brand K cool cowboy family Zhejiang new members to join

December 17, 2011, only seven days away from Christmas, K cool denim family has ushered in a new member, Zhang wave in Zhejiang Province, Mr. Zhang. After a day of running around, Mr. Zhang came to K cool Cowboy (Xiamen) operations center field trips. After the end, he formally signed a contract with K cool cowboy. It is understood that Mr. Zhang is through the Internet to know K cool cowboy brand, after some telephone counseling and other denim franchisees to do a detailed comparison, he finally decided to K cool cowboy field trips. He said: "K cool cowboy is a real brand, celebrity endorsements, professional fashion, not only quality assurance, and courteous service, trustworthy." K cool cowboy take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Zhang! And I wish you and K cool cowboy long-standing cooperation in the road! K pants denim for the Fujian Lanbo King Shoes Co., Ltd., a denim brand, founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. K cool cowboy operations center is located in Xiamen, Fujian, K cool cowboy production base in Guangzhou, China. K pants cowboy has the world's most advanced computer automated production equipment, international standardization, closed industrial park, fashionable products, fabrics beautiful, exquisite workmanship, won the national key brand promotion several times, the marketing K cool jeans through the celebrity endorsements, Marketing, public relations, franchising, direct marketing as a combination of modern marketing strategies for the "K cool" cowboy quickly open the domestic market. In mid-August, Du Haitao, the host of Hunan Taiwanese became the K-Koon spokesman. K cool cowboy Bingcheng Korean clothing style, the continuation of the romantic feelings of South Korean costumes, attention to detail at the exquisite personality and elegance elegant temperament, so publicity and coveted personality in extraordinary grace inadvertently natural circulation. K cool cowboy in the romantic fashion design into the European and American fashion elements keep up with the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion, the performance of the current young people active, independent, personality, taste of quality of life, a K cool jeans design concept, romantic and sexy, personality And connotation, avant-garde and dignified, low-key and exaggerated release in the cowboy.

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