CC & DD fashion women to create the world's top cheap fashion

Shanghai Hill · Court Clothing Co., Ltd was established in 1998, is committed to providing intellectual women with fashion and dress culture.
The company has more than 10 years of women's operating experience. In 1998, its brand "sunnycoast" since the market, very popular. In operation, the company deeply recognizes the importance of partners for brand development and has always been building a brand support system based on the principle of win-win cooperation with partners so as to minimize the risks of partners.


CC & DD Women's Wear was born in 1982 in the United Kingdom Virgin Islands, the brand name originated in the founder CINDY, CANDICE sister abbreviation. CC & DD brand positioning for the public affordable "cheap fashion." CC & DD is known for its simple and stylish style. It is not a simple piled fashion element. Instead, CC & DD integrates its bright spots into the works. The fashion is unobtrusive and has more intellectual and affinity. In addition, CC & DD is also committed to promote the British culture, the British fashion world, popular. ccdd women to 20 to 30-year-old white-collar workers as the core audience, given their workplace, business travel, leisure, entertainment, gathering dress needs. ccdd ladies to the extreme fashion to the extreme, after entering the Chinese market by the white-collar workers are welcome, according to ccdd official website incomplete statistics in 2011 CC & DD franchise growth of 200%.

CC&DD时尚女装 创造国际顶尖的平价时尚

Made it clear that this British style of cheap fashion promotion from the brand, so that China's white-collar women can enjoy the stylish atmosphere of the brand. CC & DD not only possesses internationalized products, but also accurately grasps the characteristics of Chinese market. It rapidly rises in the Chinese market with fashionable, fast and inexpensive business philosophy. At present, CC & DD has set up nearly a thousand stores in the mainstream shopping district of China and created CC & DD International fashion new field, so that millions of ordinary Chinese women enjoy the international fashion from the United Kingdom.

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