China Garment Industry: Development in "Discovery"

Business Club April 13 hearing If the China International Clothing & Accessories Expo is a barometer of China's clothing economy, then, walking through the 110,000-square-meter 19th CHIC Expo site, we can clearly appreciate that: After the international financial crisis The baptism of China's garment industry still shows a thriving vitality and continuous innovation of industrial fashion values.

Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of the China Garment Association, told the author that the theme of this year's expo was “discovery”. He wanted to guide enterprises and brands in the era of post-financial crisis to think and explore the next five years in the transformation, promotion and development of Chinese clothing. All kinds of challenges.

In the past five years, China’s clothing industry has been faced with the most complex environment and the greatest difficulties encountered in terms of production, exports, trade, and consumer rankings. It is also the fastest growing industry in the world.

The most prosperous five-year growth of apparel brands. Accompanied by the acceleration of industrial warming, companies have to CHIC to exchange fashion ideas, expand market space, and seek more innovative ways.

The fact that the 110,000-square-meter exhibition was sold out at the end of last year was enough to show that the Chinese apparel companies that are building brand power have quietly opened a new round of battlefields.

We can see that the men's wear halls of famous brands are displaying a majestic and unique fashion sense; the colorful women's clothing halls exquisitely embody a variety of fashion styles; the casual wear exhibition area is romantic, dynamic and charming; vibrant and lively. The Children's Wear Hall has brought together 120 high-end brands. There are more than a thousand clothing brands from 19 countries and regions, who understand the advantages of peers in Expo communication, re-examine themselves, sort out ideas for innovation and development, and re-understand the nature of market competition. All kinds of exposive expressions are vividly freehand to meet the Chinese garment industry in the spring, and in the development of the transition to the urban fashion industry, a new interpretation of the politics, culture, and economy of the era.

The men's wear that once dominated the world was replaced by men's wear. The men's wear brands who love fashion, play fashion, and enjoy fashion as their performance on the CHIC2011 made people fully feel that the fashion trend of men's fashion is changing.

For the first time, the exhibition area exceeded the men's wear women's halls, and large-scale special booths came and went one after another. The multi-brand operation mode of many women's enterprises has enabled the rapid expansion of China's women's apparel enterprises, which were once known as "small Jia Biyu." In response to different consumer demands, women's brands with more meticulous and precise services have conveyed the momentum of development to the industry while also allowing people to realize the fierce competition in the women's brand market. At the same time, the women's pavilion was more than the flow of people in other venues, which made the exhibitors feel gratified and added tremendous pressure.

The return of sports brands to casual wear has increased the number of participating brands gathered in casual wear more than 20% from previous years. The exhibition conveys a feeling of tightness and restraint. Casual wear attaches more importance to individual design and focuses on the integration of fashion elements and brand culture. This phenomenon not only reveals the casual wear brand that once danced in the fashion and has experienced maturity in the market, but also makes people feel that after years of rapid development, casual wear is in the process of improving self-improvement and brilliance. stage.

Famous adult sports and leisure brands are involved in the children's wear market; some excellent children's clothing brands begin to study children's lifestyles and segment consumer groups. All this has promoted the development of children's clothing fashion, brought great changes to the Chinese children's wear market, and made people see surprises in the CHIC2011 children's wear hall. The huge demand for the children's wear market and the emergence of fashionable trendy children's wear have prompted the unpredictability of future competition in this market.

300 overseas brands from the United States, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places, although occupying only 2,300 square meters of exhibition space, some overseas brands have attracted a lot of professional visitors with their professional Expo spirit featuring branded apparel. s concern.

More than a hundred clothing brand gathered at the Expo, the first time a clear composition of the jewelry hall. This shows that with the increase in the demand for brand innovative and fashionable lifestyles, the industry chain segmentation and service specialization and refinement trend will become more and more clear.

What needs to be acknowledged is that China's garment and textile industry is a fascinating landscape through the industry's innovation and vitality and industrial fashion value that have been flourished in the world through CHIC2011. But how to show the style of a country's fashion industry on this national platform? How to show the strength of clothing economy in each region? How to demonstrate the advanced business philosophy of excellent companies, the fashion charm of the brand, and the marketing culture? How can more apparel operators and consumers upgrade to each other through this platform? How can Chinese clothing use this platform to continuously absorb the nutrition of international brand management, market development, etc., and promote the rapid development of industry enterprises and brands ... We need to think about many issues.

Fashion is always the freehand spirit of the spirit of the times. Today, low-carbon environmental protection is becoming an international fashion trend. Even though the Expo Organizing Committee held activities such as CHIC's second environmental protection creative booth design selection and promoted low-carbon Expo and green marketing activities, we found in the exchanges with the CHIC2011 exhibitors. Depending on the concept of green ecology as the brand ecology, marketers with low-carbon dress as a brand fashion view are still very limited.

In the static display of clothes, the environmental pollution caused by the use of dynamic, sound-absorbing music by some brands makes it impossible for the franchisees seeking cooperation to stand still and communicate with the exhibitors. Exhibitors in each pavilion blindly distributed information and handbags and hoped that the audience would remember the brand in the shortest possible time. However, we found that less than one hour after the opening, some of the garbage in the bins in the stadium had spilled out of the box. During the three-and-a-half-day expo, most of the exhibitors chose the large-scale exhibition hall and the exhibition booth's exhibition behavior to attract the attention of the audience. However, few companies have devoted themselves to the study of how to display brand cultural characteristics, how to show a fashionable marketing idea, and how to come to discuss professional cooperation with customers. Some exhibiting companies once wrote to the author, and for a few days, if they counted on-site rental fees, renovation fees, and advertising and printing expenses, personnel travel expenses, etc., they burned millions of dollars in less than a week. Workers, how much time, can be sewn out of a needle.

This kind of waste and pollution was attacked by the responsible media. However, before the scientific way of exposing was found, this kind of criticism represented the voice of the industry association, and it was able to stimulate the development of enterprises and brands in market development. How much effect?

How China's clothing industry stands at a new historical starting point, innovating a low-carbon dress culture, and marketing a low-carbon fashion concept, is not only an important contribution to the development of China's low-carbon economy, but also the key to whether it can win the right to speak in international fashion. How to show the strength of the company through green marketing, interpret the brand spirit, and create consumer trends in the era? What culture should be used to innovate green manufacturing in China to create low-carbon marketing and to create a zeitgeist in low-carbon fashion, and design a behavior, emotion and way of thinking? CHIC2011 let us deeply feel that the Chinese garment industry is still facing a severe test.

Every year, there are endless streams of gods going to the fair, but the experience of harvesting is not the same. Some manufacturers successfully showcased the corporate culture of brand image by attracting the expo platform of many garment operators, and quickly improved the market network of the company. Some manufacturers competed with hundreds of thousands of excellent brands at home and abroad in the Expo to find out their own shortcomings and learned from their peers. There are also some under-prepared manufacturers, in the sea of ​​hundreds of brands in the expo, it is difficult to show the brand's personality and style, and thus did not find the kind of business opportunities unlimited feeling, with little revenue. Some viewers watching the liveliness of the show did not only have a variety of advertising materials, but they did not play any propaganda effect. As a result, a large number of corporate investment efforts eventually became garbage.

When innovative low-carbon consumption has become the engine and new driving force for China’s economic development, when the demand for simple living has become the highest level of consumerism in the times, the Chinese apparel industry, which has sublimated into a metropolitan fashion industry, communicates to distributors gathered in CHIC gold rush. The concept of industrial scientific development shows to the competing peers what kind of business hopes to rise, what kind of brand fashion appeal to rational consumers, and what to use to express the belief that Chinese clothing climbs the international market's commanding heights. This is held continuously. In the 19th session, after the industry sought after, the exhibition was full and CHIC, which has attracted much attention from the industry, must face and think.

Along with the prosperity of China's economy and culture, overseas brands have taken advantage of the trend of international trade integration to rob the ** country market, bringing more fierce competition. Faced with challenges, every aspect of China's apparel industry chain will only be refrigerated, and will use the responsibility our time has given us to enhance the Expo Culture of China's apparel and innovate the development philosophy of the China Apparel Economy. Our apparel professional expo activities can attract Retaining professional visitors can create a good environment for trade negotiations and use clothing as the crystallization of commodities and arts to demonstrate the brand charm that embodies regional culture and spiritual capital. The China Clothing Expo will become a hope for sowing brands and a concept of brand management. Showcasing the ideal place for the development of industrial science.

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