China is about to usher in the peak of colored gem consumption

Colorful gemstones are colorful, and there is a sense of squandering for a fascinating eye. In this market, all kinds of competition, natural crystal, jewellery and emerald all show their talents. Now, color gems add a bit of enthusiasm to make the jewellery market open. The following is a dialogue between the reporter and Yu Xiaojin, director of the International Colored Gemstone Association and deputy secretary-general of the China Jewellery & Gemstone Jewelry Industry Association. Yu Xiaojin stated that China will usher in the peak of Caibao's consumption.

China is about to usher in the peak of Caibao's consumption: To Secretary General, thank you for accepting our interview. You are an expert in China's Caibao appraisal. He once served as the ambassador for the International Colored Gemstone Association in China. Can you please talk about it? Caibao has been loved and paid attention to by people in Europe and America very early on. Why has it just been known in China? ?

Yu Xiaojin: This must be discussed from two aspects. On the one hand, this is determined by China's specific stage of economic development.

As we all know, China implemented reform and opening up in 1979, and the traditional planned economy model began its transition to a market economy, which also brought opportunities for the development of China's jewelry industry. In December 1981, China’s first “three-to-one” company was born in Shenzhen and began the development of the gold jewelry industry. It also led the development of the domestic gold jewelry industry.

After the reform and opening up, the Chinese economy began to invigorate, people’s income increased, but at the same time there was also inflation. As a result, people began to reserve and trade gold in order to maintain their value, and China ushered in the peak period of gold consumption.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, De Beers, the world’s largest diamond monopoly, realized the potential of the Chinese market and began to promote diamonds in China. The annual promotion cost was over 10 million. After more than 20 years of marketing, "diamonds are long-lasting, a forever spread" has been deeply rooted in China, China has become the world's largest diamond consumer market.

In the early 1990s, in order to preserve and increase value, colored gemstones have also ushered in an upsurge of development. However, due to the fact that most people did not understand colored gems at that time, there were some cases of inferior packaging on the market, and some of them were multicolored, and domestic prices were even higher than those on the international market. Consumers cannot be deceived. After that, the market of Caibao entered the low point of development, and this stage continued until the 21st century.

On the other hand, compared to Europe and the United States, the jewelry market needs to be improved and developed. Apart from the different stages of economic development, cultural factors and educational background are also important reasons. Europe and the United States themselves are popular science cultures. Children learn science from a young age and explore themselves through nature. Therefore, foreign children have a wide range of interests in museums. When we participate in jewellery exhibitions abroad, some of the exhibitions are free for elementary and middle school students to visit during the first few days. Foreign children have access to the exhibition's various ores. Popular science education is solid and growing up like a gem is a natural phenomenon.

In contrast, children under the Chinese education system rarely have the opportunity to participate in such popular science activities. What is gratifying is that China now increasingly advocates quality education and has also established a number of specimen rooms. Society and parents are paying more and more attention to science education. It can be said that these children who love science and geology ore are the important consumers of Caibao.

Another very important reason is that under the background of the lack of knowledge of Caibao and the difficulty of identification of Caibao, relevant organizations and enterprises are not well promoted. If there is a group like De Beers to promote Cai Bao, colored stones will become household names like diamonds.

In recent years, China's jewellery industry has been in a period of rapid development with an annual growth rate of more than 15%. With the continuous growth of residents' income, the purchasing power and consumption levels have been continuously improved, and the jade products that meet people's spiritual needs have presented an upsurge of consumption. They are becoming the third most popular consumer hotspot after housing and automobiles.

Internationally, it is widely believed that China is becoming the world's most promising consumer market and the largest processing and manufacturing center in the jewelry industry. In the context of economic globalization, the trading of Chinese and foreign jewelry raw materials and products is more convenient and active. The importance and great prospects of the Chinese jewelry consumer market in the world are widely recognized.

From the international point of view, jewelry is such a development trend, from gold, platinum, diamonds, and colored gemstones, gradually forming a diversified expansion and the overall development of the market. In my opinion, my country will also present such a development step. What is different is that in the development path of China's jewellery, jadeite jade also occupies an important position. Jade is rich in Chinese traditional culture and it is our wealth.

The wealth redistribution effect of the jewellery industry is remarkable. Reporter: From your perspective, Caibao has a broad development prospect in China. What does it mean for China’s economic development? What are the plans of China Baoxie to promote Caibao's development in China?

Yu Xiaojin: The development of jewelry industry has important strategic significance for China. Because jewelry is a luxury product, its main consumer target is rich people and high-income earners. Rich consumption of jewellery can drive the development of related industries. For example, it will promote a series of industries such as international trade, ore mining and processing, and solve the employment problem. It can be said that the wealth redistribution effect of jewelry industry is very significant.

In addition, there are some monopoly phenomena in the international Caibao ore. Having original resources does not necessarily mean that prices can be dominated, and not having resources is not necessarily at a disadvantage. For example, although Tanzanite has only primary mines in Tanzania, Tanzania has not been able to monopolize the production and sale of tanzanites. Instead, Indians have basically controlled the export of rough stones from Tanzania. It also means that it controls the Tanzanite market in the world. . Tanzania is trying to change this situation and it is necessary to introduce multinational importers.

Now we must also learn from these experiences and lessons, and strive to change the disadvantage of lack of raw materials. This will require China Baoxie to start with resources and processing.

The International Colored Gemstone Association will hold an annual meeting every other year. It will be held in Dongguan, China in 2009. The annual conference in 2013 will be held in Changsha. The international conference is so intensively held in the Chinese market that the importance of China's Caibao market can be seen. Moreover, holding this annual meeting in Changsha is even more significant. We plan to establish a color gem processing base in Changsha. The current cooperation agreement has been signed. If the industrial processing base can be built, it will inevitably promote the development of China's jewelry market and increase China's right to speak in the international jewelry market.

Chinese jewellery culture has certain characteristics Reporter: Compared with Western countries, China has a certain degree of particularity in the development of jewelry. Some accessories are particularly loved by the Chinese people, such as jade, tourmaline, etc. Please talk about why this is?

Yu Xiaojin: Among these, cultural penetration is the most important reason.

Gemstone culture can be traced back to the Neolithic period in ancient times. From ancient times, the ancient Dahongshan culture, Dawenkou culture and Hemudu culture in China have found a large number of gemstone products. People love jewelry and jade can be described as a long history.

The ancients used gems to decorate themselves and worship them as sacred things. They even superstitiously believed that gems had the role of “enchanting evil spirits and exorcising ghosts and spirits.” Wearing gems can ward off evils, save disasters, and preserve peace.

The nine-employee bureaucratic system implemented by the Qing Dynasty used different gems that were decorated on top of the caps to distinguish between its official products and power. In the Qing Dynasty, Cixi’s degree of love for the tourmaline reached its peak. This, to some extent, has also led the consumer jade trend.

Invest in Caibao, first learn to assess reporters: As an individual to buy or invest in Caibao, where should we start?

Yu Xiaojin: It is best to start with a few precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, cat eyes, etc.

The first thing to understand is the evaluation criteria for colored gemstones. People generally understand the diamond standard, namely 4C (color, clarity, carat, cut). In fact, Cai Bao is similar to diamonds.

However, there are differences between colored stones and diamonds. Colored stones are more important to color, colored stones are the first color, color assessment accounts for more than half of the value, and other requirements are lower. Such as the degree of clarity, it is very good to look unblemished with the naked eye, unlike the evaluation of diamonds also need 10 times the magnifying glass. Because the original stone of Caibao is easily broken, cracks are common in Caibao. In order to process the colorful gemstones, Caibao's cuts tend to be larger. Therefore, observing the color gems from the front is even and symmetrical, and there is a good fire effect.

The proportion of carats is also very important, but colored gems have a phenomenon of “respecting each other”. Ruby is generally more than 2 carats, emerald is 2 carats or more, sapphire is 3 carats to 5 carats, and tourmalines are dozens of carats or more to have a collection value.

If you are a top collector, these factors must be considered. If it is personally worn, the color is the most important.

Buy Cai Bao and beware of counterfeit reporters: Are there any cases where investors or consumers have been deceived in this industry? Please give an example of how to avoid this situation as far as possible.

Yu Xiaojin: How to distinguish the varieties, true and false gems, is the most concerned issue for consumers. In an era when science is still underdeveloped, people rely mainly on the naked eye and experience to judge. The precious knowledge accumulated by the predecessors still has reference value today. With the continuous development of science and technology, gemologists have researched and manufactured many high-performance instruments, greatly improving the accuracy of gem identification.

In addition, consumers should have a thorough understanding of the nature of Caibao when shopping. For example, there are emerald counterfeits on the market that look very similar to the outside, and only when you look closely can you see the difference. The travertine is also emerald-green, but it feels heavier.

Synthetic emeralds are the most common fakes on the market, posing as natural emeralds. When looking at the difference, first look at the colors. The fakes are somewhat unnatural. Then look at the internal flaws. The interior of the natural product is dominated by fissures. When illuminated with bright light, it turns into a bright white reflective surface. The synthetic product contains smoke-like flux inclusions. When illuminated with strong light, a small bright spot appears.

Consumers are difficult to identify with professional instruments when buying colored gemstones. In addition to the above-mentioned purchasing criteria, it is more to see the authority of the certification authority. For example, domestic rating agencies can generally be divided into three levels. The national-level jewelry management center and the national jewelry appraisal center have local technical supervision bureaus, and the university’s gemstone institute can also issue certificates. National certification certificates should be the most authoritative in the country. In addition, consumers are advised to purchase jewelry from high-reputation jewellery stores. The quality of these products is guaranteed.

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