Choose a bright red underwear popular throughout the Christmas from the inside out

The major shopping malls, Christmas tree display windows and some Christmas trinkets, let us more and more looking forward to Christmas. Festive festival is always inseparable from the red decoration, dressed in his own nest in red at the same time, choose for themselves a dazzling red underwear , popular throughout the Christmas Eve from the inside out.


Figure: impression of beauty underwear

Full coverage cup, with a strong focus on the concentration effect, so that your chest curve rounded, full of flexibility, the gold silk embroidery process, enhance the three-dimensional sense of underwear, even more luxurious and elegant, side stealth glue flat Armpit fat, but also your smooth curve.

选一件耀眼的红色内衣 由内而外红遍整个圣诞节

Figure: impression of beauty underwear

Smooth silk fabric, luxurious but unobtrusive, 3/4 cup, small exposed hemispherical sexy, the perfect show your charming cleavage, burgundy color like a long-laden wine mellow attractive, widening straps Reduce wearing pressure, the pursuit of comfortable wearing experience.

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