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The Shenzhen Luohu District Consumer Council announced to the media the results of spot checks on baby diapers and other children's products (including foods). It shows that the rate of child garment disqualification is as high as nearly 30%, and there are serious quality problems. Reporters visited the Qingyuan market and found that there are many poor quality children's clothing products, among which there is no shortage of “three no products”. In this regard, a number of children's clothing store staff introduced the selection of children's clothing to see more and more comparisons. According to the child's characteristics, we must select regular manufacturers to produce and wear safe and comfortable clothes.

A few days ago, the reporter saw many children's clothing stores in the old city's Beimen Street in Qingyuan. Children's clothing here was piled up like a hill, with 10 yuan one and 15 yuan cheap goods abound. There are many kinds of these garments, including various kinds of cotton underwear, cotton jackets and cotton trousers, etc. Many models are also quite fashionable. There are a lot of people who come here to choose from. There are young parents and older grandparents.

The reporter carefully observed that many of these low-cost garments belonged to the “three-nothing” product, with no brand, manufacturer, trademark, and no information on ingredients or fabrics. Moreover, some products feel relatively poor texture. A salesperson explained that these are special deals. Although the quality is slightly inferior compared to the regular-priced products, the cost-effectiveness is higher and more people are buying. "We can sell a lot of parts a day. Nobody says there are quality problems."

After interviewing several parents randomly, the reporter found that they did not pay much attention to the brand and quality of children's clothing. According to a young parent, the child’s physical growth is fast and a piece of clothing cannot be worn after one year. Therefore, the usual choice for them will not deliberately pursue the brand, try to choose some affordable, wearing a fitting dress. She believes that it is unnecessary and expensive to choose expensive clothes. "We don't know any brands or trademarks. We just don't feel fit and feel uncomfortable."

“Parents said this is for cost considerations. In our view, if children wear these low-cost clothing for a long time, it may be detrimental to the body.” A number of staff from the Children's Clothing Special Zone of Yihua Shopping Mall in Qingyuan City said that low-priced children Although the clothes are affordable, the quality of the “three-nothing” products is difficult to guarantee and can easily cause various diseases. In consideration of children's physical health, parents should be more cautious when selecting children's clothes. The following selection criteria can be referenced.

First, look at the appearance. When purchasing children's clothes, first check the signs on the clothing, check the trademarks, Chinese factory name, clothing number signs, component marks, washing instructions, certificate of conformity, implementation standard number, product quality level, and safety category marks on the product. Qualified children's clothing, signs should be complete and standardized. Among them, the key is to pay attention to the fiber content of apparel fabrics (including linings and fillers). In addition, infants and young children's textile products must be marked on the instructions for use "baby and infant supplies."

Second, smell the smell. You can smell it when opening the package to see if there is a pungent odor. According to the staff, some additives added during the treatment process will cause excessive levels of formaldehyde and pH, resulting in a pungent odor. In addition, some may have musty, petrol, and toxic odors due to improper storage or contamination of the packaging. Children's clothing that smells odor should not be purchased.

Third, touch the fabric. Touch the fabric of the garment with your hand. In general, children's apparel fabrics should be hygroscopic, breathable and soft. For infants and young children, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, and the color should be soft and light. Be aware of children's comfort, safety, and health when wearing children's clothing.

Fourth, we must carefully check and shop around. Pay attention to the various accessories used in children's clothing, such as the quality of zippers, buttons, metal clasps, and various plastic decorative parts, which is also very important for children's wear. Specifically, it depends on whether the zipper is smooth and whether there are burrs on both ends; whether the buttons are firm, whether the metal buckles and various metal decorations are safe, whether the plastic decorative parts are firm and whether the children are easily mistaken for the mouth or the like.

All in all, the choice of children's clothing should take into account the nature of the child and try to choose casual and relaxed clothing. After purchasing the goods, ask for an invoice as much as possible so that you can effectively and efficiently protect your rights in case of problems.

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