cn fashion women keep up with the international women's fashion trends

As a leading fashion women 's fashion, cn no matter from design to craft, or from color to the plate, as well as from the details to match, all the time for consumers to create a prominent style, distinctive fashion brand . Recently, women's cn, has been all over the country, a huge sales network has shown a mature garment business.


cn Fashion Women under the Philippine Wyatt clothing in Hangzhou to Hangzhou as the center, cn pulse touch every direction, the current capital cities across the country have 80 shopping malls and stores, star stores radiation throughout China and successfully established in the market A good brand image.

cn时尚女装 紧跟国际女装市场流行趋势

cn时尚女装 紧跟国际女装市场流行趋势

This is a fashion for women aged 25-35 women's fashion, fashion and trend of the product is its key strength, every detail are revealed to the elegant fashion, all "mixed" elegant, with the trend, stimulate creativity, show Females feel confident and elegant.

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