Comparison of raw materials of silk quilt

There are three main types of raw materials for silk production: silkworm cocoons and tussah cocoons, and silk quilts made of short fibers.

1. Silkworm Cocoon: The southern mulberry silkworm weaving scorpion is a special raw material for making silk quilts. Eat mulberry leaves, hence the name. The main silkworm cocoons are produced in northern Zhejiang, southern Jiangsu, southern Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, and Guangxi (emerging cocoon production bases with large yields). However, the technology for making handmade silk quilts is basically only in a few areas in northern Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu. The special representatives are Zhejiang Tongxiang and Jiangsu Wujiang. Even in other areas, there is no scale.

2, tussah pupa: the scorpion woven by the northern tussah silk is the first-class raw material for making silk quilts. Eat 柞 leaves, hence the name. The main producing areas are Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and other places. Liaoning is the largest producer of tussah silk. Tussah silk is mainly produced in the north, so I only know about it.

3, short wire: generally short fiber made from the scraps of the above two kinds of silk, is the raw material for making quilted silk quilt. The quality is uneven.

Comparison of physical properties of mulberry silk and tussah silk:

1. Silkworms and silkworm cocoons: silkworms are white, tussah is cyan; silkworm cocoons are white, and cocoons are grayish yellow (when bleached, they become white silk).

2, silk fineness: mulberry silk is several times smaller than hair silk, tussah silk is almost as thick as hair, everyone has a chance to compare with their own hair.

3, silk length: online teaching is that tussah silk is made by machine, the length is about 80 cm, hand-made mulberry silk is mostly more than 100 cm.

4, silk rigidity: tussah silk because of more sericin, fiber thicker, more rigid, so the same weight tussah silk is more fluffy than mulberry silk.

The silk made of two kinds of silk is compared with the characteristics:

1. Breathability: Due to its strong rigidity and good fluffiness, tussah silk is better than mulberry silk. It is more suitable for young people with strong blood.

2, warmth performance: the warmth of mulberry silk is slightly better than tussah silk, while the body is better, more suitable for children, women, the elderly and the cold.

3, product grade: according to the industry implementation standards 100% silk is classified as a special grade, 100% silk is belonging to the first level, you can go to the mall to see.

4, product price: a bad contrast between different brands, the same grade of the brand, tussah silk because of the low cost, the price is much lower than the silk.

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