Congratulations thousands of women's Harbin Central Shopping Center grand opening

Autumn cool, the instant has already established the winter, thousands of women are also in the cold winter to the people of Harbin sent a warm, thousands of women in Harbin on November 2 grand opening of the Central Shopping Center, in this winter months, Hope to have thousands of women to help you walk through the new store opening more concessions, hope new and old customers come.

千细 - changeshe

Thousands of brand value proposition is to show the modern city white-collar beauty career and life posture, that is, with independent and creative, but also full of passion and emotional love and be loved. The core target consumer group is a 25-30-year-old modern urban fashion white-collar beauty, career smug, passion burst of life, highlighting the rational and emotional new female charm.


Thousands of women's clothing line with a high sense of design attention to detail the performance of both highly accustomed to the trend of popular and reveals a unique low-key gorgeous, handsome, full of personality and career-oriented temperament, in a variety of different occasions can fully prove their own Unique charm show dare to love hate, free and easy confidence in style products are divided into fashion, city, party three series.

Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber 

Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber

Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber

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