Crouch snake brand children's clothing I type I cool to create pretty childhood

Crocodile snake fashion personality is characterized by rebelliousness, the main color style, the main expression of "rich second generation" in the material and cultural surplus today, relatively rich living conditions, do not want to uphold the "good shade under the tree" Excessive "care", I hope I can earn a sky of rebellious. "Warhead" children's clothing product personality positioning, it is to seize this generation of children need to express the personality traits as a product personality appeal point and differentiation strategy to implement a breakthrough. "Croucher" products are divided into: cool times, rebellious angels, fashion sports, parent-child loaded four series. These four major series integrate the individuality characteristics of children and adolescents in the new century and integrate the performance of self-personality with the promotion of the strong family affection for effective large-scale integration, perfect performance of personality and collective, self and family, fashion and leisure and other multi-roles. Is reflected in "warhead, my pretty childhood, 'pretty' features." "Crocodile" children's clothing mainly in European and Korean fashion style, fashion personality, simple but not simple, every favor children, "Cocoon" children dressed as "I am cool," the unique personality, fully embodies The clothing is worn in the new new ethnic group "pretty" people's attention, eye-catching special effects. "Alice mouth snake" brand children's clothing in the terminal store decoration, but also attaches great importance to the performance of individual culture, advanced image display, eclectic style of furniture, are full of unique and innovative everywhere, planning a jumping cultural display area , A unique creative window image area and a warm leisure area, creating a warm environment, unique style, a new visual shopping paradise, in the numerous groups of brand-name shops, "pretty" but stand. "Catch my snake, my pretty childhood", it is such an incisive dissemination of the brand personality and brand culture core values, the "warhead" children's wear on the market to distinguish between similar brands, highlights the distinctive brand personality differences Advantage.

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Chinese Raccoon Skin Collar

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