Defects and problems in the glass curtain wall

[China Glass Network] The solution is to first limit the use of hidden glass curtain wall. It is necessary to protect the glass curtain wall that has passed the quality guarantee period. For example, a fence, a green belt and a hanging curtain are installed around the glass curtain wall to prevent falling glass. Injury to passing pedestrians and vehicles. The second is to use the bright frame and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall as much as possible, because even if the structural adhesive fails, the chance of glass falling will be greatly reduced due to the support and constraints of the frame.

Glass curtain wall support structure failure

Not all problems with glass curtain walls are caused by the glass itself. Sometimes the failure of the frame structure supporting the glass will also cause the problem of the glass curtain wall. The frame structure used to support the glass is often the weak link of the glass curtain wall. If the design of the original frame system is unreasonable, the frame structure cannot withstand the gravity in the building, and then the deformation occurs, which eventually leads to glass breakage.

The solution is to carry out anti-fatigue experiments on the frame structure during the design process, and then design the corresponding curtain wall glass according to its anti-fatigue ability to prevent the frame from overloading for a long time.

Glass curtain wall fastener fixing device failure

All glass curtain walls rely on fasteners to assemble the curtain wall and secure it to the building. However, the unpredictable defects of the fastener fixing device may cause serious structural problems and even cause the curtain wall glass to fall.

The solution is to carry out the necessary inspection of the fasteners before installing the glass curtain wall. After the inspection is passed, it can be installed and used on site. In addition, for the curtain wall glass falling caused by the loose bolts, we use special lock nuts to lock the bolts during the actual construction process to prevent the bolts from slipping down, or use specific washers to ensure that the bolts do not fall off after tightening.

Other problems caused by the glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall has caused more than the above problems. Due to the large-scale use of the glass curtain wall, light pollution, color pollution and heat pollution are some problems that cannot be ignored. Although glass curtain wall has such problems or problems, as a designer, producer, and user, as long as they fully understand and develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, the glass curtain wall is still a bright spot of modern architecture.

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