Dongyang Woodcarving Bamboo Sculpture Becomes New Favorites

Dongyang is hailed as the hometown of arts and crafts. The arts and crafts industry is one of the six leading industries in Dongyang City. Products include wood carvings, bamboo weaving, mahogany furniture, Christmas gifts, craft wallpapers, embroidery, toys, and antique architecture, gardening, decoration and decoration.

Among them, woodcarving and bamboo weaving are the two wonderful works of Dongyang Arts and Crafts. They are also loved by domestic and foreign collectors.

Dongyang Bamboo Weaving Co., Ltd. has over 2,000 years of history, 21 categories, more than 3,000 varieties, and is listed as the first batch of state-level intangible cultural heritage extension projects. Dongyang Woodcarving is one of the four major wood carvings in China and one of the three major famous carvings in Zhejiang. It is the first batch of traditional arts and crafts of Zhejiang Province to be protected and the first batch of non-material cultural heritage at the national level. Dongyang traditional wood carving is a kind of decorative relief with plane relief as the basic carving technique. Its carving techniques can be subdivided into thin reliefs, bas-reliefs, deep reliefs, transparent (pull) air carvings, hollow carvings, high relief carvings, and even multi-layered carvings.

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