Egyptian government introduced nearly 20 measures to support textile and garment industry

The Egyptian government recently announced nearly 20 measures to protect the domestic textile industry. The specific support targets are spinning, weaving and garment manufacturing companies. Egyptian Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Elsa said that these measures will not only protect the industry from unfair competition from some countries, but will also support their development.

Egyptian industry sources pointed out that in the past, Egypt's textile industry was facing many development issues, leading to the closure of the factory. The new measures will save the textile industry and protect the rights of workers. According to these new measures, the industry government will impose protection fees on woven and spinning products and garments imported from Egypt, and the tariff rate on imported textiles will also increase.

It is understood that these measures are decided by a 32-member committee composed of representatives from various stakeholders, including spinning and weaving holding companies, consumer protection agencies, foreign trade departments, the Ministry of Finance and other organizations. .

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