Emerald streamers

Emerald streamers Hidden in rough jade, it flows out of the most peaceful and warm beauty, the beauty of jade, and the beauty in beauty. Jadeite is composed of three major minerals, jadeite, sodium chromite, and agate, in different proportions, jadeite is colorless, sodium-chromium pyroxene is mostly bright green, agate is mostly light green, and the proportion is different. The "green" of jade is also deep. Different shades of light are different.

However, when it comes to value and rarity, the green color with pure color, moderate concentration, and high saturation is the rarest. Emerald green, mellow and pure, peaceful and gentle, refreshing, the ultimate beauty, when combined with "thick, positive, fresh, uniform" four words: "thick" is moderate shades, "positive" is pure and not color cast, " "Fresh" is "bright and not dull," and "even" is evenly distributed.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a single talented person, presented alone, or simply put together in a bead chain, or in combination with Other precious stones and precious metals, the simple and peaceful beauty unique to jadeite can make people feel at first sight.


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