Expo tourists do not wear high heels

This site on May 10 hearing, yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai World Expo held a health service security press conference, Li Weiping, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau called on tourists to park safety, do not wear high heels.

At the press conference, Li Weiping introduced the situation of the World Expo in the opening week. A red cross medical station is set up in each major expo area of ​​the Expo, and each medical station is open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. On May 1st, the Expo opened to 24:00 on May 7th. There were 2198 medical consultations at 5 medical stations in the park, of which 526 were traumatic patients and 70 were heat stroke (predominantly mild heat stroke).

Li Weiping reminded tourists to avoid wearing high heels, the park is relatively large, after taking a long time, heels are prone to sprained feet. In addition, it is rainy and slippery, and it is easier to slip in high heels.

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