Factors in car foil selection in the fall

[China Glass Network] Simply put, automotive films are divided into two categories, one is the automotive glass film, which is attached to the car glass to control the sun. Its basic properties include safety, clarity, anti-glare, UV protection, heat insulation, scratch resistance, adequate shelf life and privacy protection. The other is a new car foil film imported from AAA by American AAA. The basic properties include personality decoration, car paint protection, and easy scrubbing.

Automotive film selection factors considered in the fall:

1. Long-wave ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter are three types of ultraviolet rays in the three wavelengths that are more likely to damage the skin. Long-wave ultraviolet (UVA), medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB) and short-wave ultraviolet (UVC). The longer the wavelength, the stronger the ability to cross the skin. Under natural conditions, short-wave UVC is filtered out through the ozone layer of the atmosphere, which can be ignored, while medium-wave and long-wave are the two major points of public protection.

2, the winter ozone layer content is less, long-wave ultraviolet radiation is more intense experts pointed out that because the winter sun is very warm, not only does it not sting on the skin, but also feels very comfortable. As everyone knows, under such "sugar-coated shells", the warm and comfortable winter sun will hurt your skin.

Some analysts believe that the winter and spring seasons are the seasons with less global ozone layer in the whole year. Without the protection of the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays will take advantage of it and hurt our skin.

3, winter sun exposure time, long-wave UV is more destructive to the skin than summer. In addition, winter sun exposure is very long, long-wave UV or unconsciously damage the skin, the "power" of this ultraviolet light is even better than the summer wave More destructive! Winter sunscreen is essential, and friends who drive should be filmed to prevent long-wave UV damage.

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