"Fantasy Space" - Masfer.SU 2012 Winter Series Thematic Concept Exhibition

Tired urbanites want to slow down the hurry and escape from the turmoil and confusion of the city, Masfer. SU2012 Autumn and Winter theme concept exhibition, inspired by the "moving castle" in the classic comic works, has created one after another for the city's alien space full of whimsy, to take you on an unforgettable journey of fashion art.

On July 8, the 12th China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair, fashion women's clothing brand Masfer. SU's special booth is striking: The giant castle standing at the entrance is full of visual impact. It contrasts with the mottled old factory scene and the white main structure, causing people's infinite imagination. The interior of the booth is an interpretation of the various styles of this season's fashion through different landscapes: the geometric patterns integrate Art Deco and the retro ideas of the 1960s; the old exterior walls and stairs are sketched out by Masfer. SU's street scenery in autumn and winter; colored "wooden horses" and white fence suspended in mid-air brings a simple and fashionable Scandinavian style; and the large green plants scattered throughout the center of the exhibition hall make people feel the vivid and vivid nature of nature. Sex.

Masfer. SU is another relatively young fashion women's brand created by Masfair Fashion Co., Ltd. for women's diverse aesthetic and different needs. Following the essence of Marisfrolg's brand, Masfer. With the design concept of "fashion, vitality, and metropolis," SU combines elegant fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship with the unique energy, youthfulness, and individuality of young women to create a unique fashion style.

Masfer. SU 2012 autumn and winter series includes four parts: "Geometry Fun", "Retro Street", "Nordic Love" and "Green Jungle". Saturated colors and modern geometric shapes collide with a rich retro atmosphere; folk art prints, freehand birds and beasts and other interesting craft patterns become distinctively identifiable decorative elements, and draw from the Dandy Boy inspired narrow shoulder suit, checkered pants and Locomotive vests, inadvertently reveal a handsome free and easy neutral charm. Future and retro, whimsical and feminine, exquisite and casual sparkle in this season sparkle, bring endless fun.

Masfer who has successfully exhibited for four consecutive years. SU, each time has become the most dazzling scene in the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair with a distinctive theme. Through the powerful platform of the Expo, Masfer. SU has demonstrated its brand image in all directions and has been widely recognized by the industry for its high-quality fashion and professional attitude. It has injected new elements into the Chinese clothing industry.

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