Fashion highlights: Betty lambs become the brand name of children's secrets

Betty Lamb into the domestic market since the field of children's clothing, by virtue of its quality branding, fashion trend, variety diversification, price rationalization, and other advantages, by the industry and parents of children generally recognized and concerned about. Betty lamb store product style: casual, stylish, comfortable, childlike. Betty lamb integration leisure taste, combined with fashion, with a diversified mix of fresh, bright, bright, elegant and green color as the basic color, with popular elements as embellishment. In line with the child's product positioning style, Betty Lamb has become one of the biggest advantages, is conducive to Betty Lamb brand features to create, and the formation of the terminal image. Product Category: Betty lamb products include T-shirts, shirts, jackets, jackets, vests, cotton jacket, down jacket, jeans, sportswear, windbreaker, children's coat, slacks, dresses, sweaters, swimwear, Stationery, accessories, cartoon objects and so on, rich and varied products provide children with a variety of choices, as children, parents considered the children's clothing brand. Betty Lamb Fall 2012 models accurate grasp of the trend, the exact positioning of the product type, Betty lambs children's wear can become the main reason for brand-name children's clothing. Betty lamb brand based on children, never-ending pursuit of better quality, the success of Betty Lamb brand a good image of the shape. Hope Betty lamb children's clothing can bring the most comfortable children's feelings! Details: Dongguan City, wind Clothing Co., Ltd. Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Dongfeng Chun Yat Building Contact: Brand Website:

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Men Swimwear

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