Feeling painless in high heels

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Walking in the wrong position is also one of the reasons for wearing high heels and foot pain.

When wearing high-heeled shoes, it is often because the heel area cannot be worn in with the shoes, resulting in shoe change or abandonment of shoes. Therefore, it is important to buy a pair of shoes that suit your needs. Don't overlook the match between shoes and feet just because you look good. After all, the most important function of shoes is to wear them. When you try on shoes, you must stand up and take a few more steps to see if your heels fit perfectly with your shoes.

In addition, walking posture is also very important. If the wrong walking posture is not corrected, even if you buy a shoe that suits you, you will eventually give up because of traffic. So, what kind of walking posture is correct?

The correct walking posture pays attention to two main points:

First, the pace of walking should be small

The basic idea of ​​walking in high heels is "small steps." Although we are often said to "walk forward", we might as well imagine a big step in high-heeled shoes, where a large knee bends naturally, causing the body to tilt forward. Not only does it make walking unpleasant , But also will make the footsteps under greater pressure, causing foot pain. Therefore, when you are wearing high-heeled shoes, the pace is slightly smaller, and you do not bend the knee.

Second, don’t leave hands when walking

Walking hands not only looks like a special woman, so you don't have high-heeled shoes. The swinging of your hand makes it easy to shake your body, the center of gravity is unstable, and your body lacks a sense of balance, which can lead to skewed bones. The best posture is when one's head is caught by the ceiling. The head is upright and the back muscles stretch straight. This walk looks straight and beautiful.

As long as you remember these two points when you walk, you can walk naturally and generously in high-heeled shoes, and most importantly, it is not easy to hurt your feet! Beauty girls can give it a try!

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