Golden Christmas Lacoste gold crocodile unveils curtain (Figure)

Golden Christmas Lacoste gold crocodile unveils curtain (Figure)

Christmas is approaching, but the atmosphere that is not red or white does not make you bored? Don't worry, Lacoste has managed everything for you, launching the Holiday Series "Golden Crocodile" and kicking off this year's Golden Christmas.

The most emblematic Lacoste logo is the lively crocodile, and Lacoste also put a new holiday line for the crocodile, embroidered the crocodile logo with gold thread, and only appeared in the 12.12 Polo shirt (men's clothing is black, Navy blue, women's pink) and two shoes. In addition to Polo shirts, Lacoste also designed two shoes that embroidered gold crocodile. Men's shoes named Vapour are made of brown or black Nubuck leather, and are sold together with Polo shirts. Even the outer box is printed with the embossed logo of a gold crocodile.

The limited edition gold crocodile's Holiday series was sold in the Lacoste store within a few days in December. A special design version that is rarely seen, anyone who wants to collect it, takes action.

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