"Gossip Girl 5" is transformed into a fashion celebrity

This green short paragraph jacket, take a black and purple sequin dress, plus a dark blue topper

B. The hats in Gossip Girl are quite beautiful. This body in a short cropped blue jacket with a black and purple sequined dress and a dark blue top hat is exactly a style of retro ladies, full of elegant atmosphere. The stockings in the lower body have the effect of shrinking, making the overall appearance not too bloated.

Dark red wool vest with a light grey shirt and a dark gray skirt create a perfect British academic style

Dark red wool vest with a light gray shirt and dark gray skirt, to create a perfect British academic style, Brooks Brothers's tie, and knee black socks are the end of the match, black and red coordination tie to break The dull style of clothing, pure with a book atmosphere, but still playful.

Long black lapel trench coats and black boots are too stiff. The matching of a big blue scarf has played a role

Long black lapel trench coats and black boots are too stiff. The combination of a large blue scarf played a role in the essence of the pen, plus a beautiful long golden hair, lit the overall tone of too dark, looks more intelligent and tasteful. Of course, FENDI's stitching bags also played an important role.

Reem Acra Resort 2012 series red dress appeared in the drama, very amazing

The red dress skirt of the Reem Acra Resort 2012 series appeared in the drama and it was amazing. The red fishtail mopping skirt, the details of the design of the shoulder is a big point of the entire skirt, but it also modified the shoulder and the arm of the line, even if it is a slight fat arm can also look slim. Black envelope handbags, it is not too luxurious personality.

Beautiful strapless wedding dress, floral design on the chest is very exquisite, elegant retro style shows

Probably did not expect that Wang Weiwei actually appeared in her fifth quarter of the Gossip Girl with her work? Beautiful strapless wedding dress, floral design on the chest is very exquisite, elegant retro atmosphere is shown.

Long red fur coat with black feet pants, with earth-colored round-toe wedge boots

Red long fur coats with black feet pants, coupled with earth-colored round head wedge boots, is definitely a street fashion style. At the same time, the gray scarf and brown shoulder bag add to the overall sense of fashion.

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