Haibei Women's 2012 autumn and winter new products to help lazy girls to create neutral IN wind

Haibei brand was founded in 2002, the brand was born so far, after nearly 10 years of careful management, has now been popular with young intellectual consumers, and in the short term rapid growth for the women's brand new generation of outstanding representatives. Up to now, more than 1,200 specialty stores have been set up in China's inland areas.

海贝女装 - I`HAPPY

Princess knit sweater with pearls embellishment, a more prominent woman in accordance with the birds, but the ride outside the retro wind leather clothing, but also blink of an eye with a neutral feeling!

海贝女装2012秋冬新品 帮慵懒女生打造至IN中性风

Before the hairy design broke the usual leather jacket style, adds a touch of femininity! Sky blue pants with, instantly enhance the overall LOOK score!

海贝女装2012秋冬新品 帮慵懒女生打造至IN中性风

Camel uniform wind jacket with a wide belt of the "bondage", the more prominent waist, the cylinder riding boots so handsome feel more heavy!

"I'HAPPY 海贝" will be the "happy" concept of perfect penetration into the clothing, 2012 autumn and winter to continue to create a distinctive style for consumers, unique fashion brand, with a reasonable price for ordinary women to provide rich and sophisticated Fashion product Haibei located in the pursuit of fashion, elegant, confident, introverted, filled with the heart of the fashion perfect life exquisite urban white-collar women.

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