Haijia Shi brand women highlight the unique temperament of women's clothing

Today, when the Outlets marketing model is increasingly accepted by Chinese consumers, more and more businesses are beginning to pay attention to this brand new operation concept. Brand clothing discount store this new retail format has become a fast-growing big industry. Haijia Shi costumes located in Guangdong Shunde one of the four famous town of Chencun, where convenient transportation, economic development, logistics network perfect. In just six months the company has opened in the Pearl River Delta region has more than 10 outlets. As a discount market a rich experience in the operation of the "New Army", "Haijia Shi" spend millions to improve product quality, focusing on service as the most important business priorities, depending on the interests of customers for the corporate life. In good faith cooperation and common development purposes, "Haijia Shi" brand quickly access around the franchisee recognition in the domestic market formed a strong sales layout. We in line with the brand women's ultra-low discount, low-cost, special supply, unified distribution, take the amount of 100% replacement policy; opening period, the company provides specialist guidance and training of new staff shops to help investors conduct a full range of shop operators And management.


Join advantage

• Safe supply, the company with many well-known brand apparel manufacturers to establish long-term brand agency and hosting partnerships, professional management of various orders Weihuo, planning stock and foreign trade boutique clothing. First-class brand of clothing gathered: the convergence of Hangzhou School of Wings (Hangzhou), Wimbledon (Wenzhou), Supai (Jiangsu), Han faction (Wuhan), Guangdong faction (Guangdong), Fujian faction (Shanghai) Eight genres brand apparel goods, a full range of styles thousands.

• Fast product update speed, strong ability to supply, to ensure timely and efficient high-quality supply of goods.

• To provide quality and efficient management training: staff, sales, display, after-sales service.

• No one-stop intermediate supply, all products are available at 1.5%, to ensure that dealers 100% to 300% of sales profits.

• All franchised stores are mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial cooperation. The free distribution and exchange of goods between franchisees and franchisees can be achieved in order to achieve the safe, efficient and economical operation of economy, achieving mutual benefits and mutual benefits.

• Cooperate with the standard brand image to provide a unified storefront VI decoration design and complimentary full set of value management appliances;

• provide advice, guidance and training, and assist franchisees in local market analysis, investment planning and shop location;

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