Half body hip skirt with what shirt intellectual and stylish

Dress has always been a hot summer single product. A wide variety of dresses can help you create amazing images, including small fresh print dress is much sought after by all fashion crush. So, how to choose in this fall is both in line with their own temperament, but also the quality of extraordinary dress? In fact, the autumn is also the choice of dress, the same can make you both temperature and charm.


However, the lovely Peter Fan collar design shows a sexy clavicle, bow on the belt to add a bit cute. A word dress modeling sense of strong, cleverly cover the buttocks and thigh fat, but also with somewhat noble. Matching sweet single shoes, filling the elegance of a princess.

半身包臀裙配什么上衣 知性又时尚

Brilliant bright black and white with a red lip dress highlighting the brand of youth and vitality. High waist design in the visual effect of waist but also improve the waist line, to create the perfect golden ratio. A word skirt just right to cover the buttocks fat, modified buttocks lines, and then with a pair of red high heels will certainly be able to add a bit charming.

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