Half-year performance exceeds the intended target Bichong Bitch children's wear create brilliant

The first half of 2014 is over, and yesterday ushered in the first day of the second half of the year. In the past six months, the bear B Qi brand children's wear another brilliant performance for six months has exceeded the intended target. Looking to the second half, Bear B Baki brand has the confidence and strength to open more markets, and the children's wear industry friends work together to achieve win-win! Bear B Qi children's clothing brand was established in 1999, the brand's style to Europe and South Korea mainly leisure and fashion. Winnie B Qi children's clothing as China's top ten children's wear brand, in 2004 the successful launch of China Red Year Series. 2005 Korean wave popular period, launched the "Great Changjin" series, swept the domestic market; 2006 with a strong cowboy series occupy the market. 2008 successfully launched "Olympic" casual sportswear, by the majority of parents and children's favorite. In this year's "Bear B Baki" is the princess series, lifestyle series, fashion series, the four series of holiday series, with a sound product structure, a clear color to spread and promote children's clothing styles. In the first half of this year, Winnie the B Qi brand and franchisees around the cooperation, and further opened in Anhui Hefei, Inner Mongolia Erdos, Urumqi, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Shaanxi, Shiyan, Guangdong Gaozhou, Zhanjiang and other markets, with dozens of joining agents and friends win. Bear B Bitch brand to achieve such excellent achievements, not only depends on the company all my colleagues in the efforts, the strength of the guarantee; more depends on the franchisee friends trust and support. In the second half of the year, Bear B brand will live up to the expectations of franchisees and redouble their efforts to bring more care and love to children. In the next second half of the year, the bear B-Chi brand will continue to more concessions, greater discount repay the majority of children's wear industry friends. The head office will continue to introduce the no-initial fee policy, along with greater rebate support policies. Welcome children's wear industry friends to the headquarters of the company inspection or call us.

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