[Hee Hee teach you] Beware of the three big mistakes sitting down your chest

Today, hee hee talked with you is the topic of sitting is not correct will also seriously affect our chest type, we have to work hard in their daily lives to correct themselves, for our healthy and beautiful chest and work hard now!

1, wrong sitting position, leaning on the table

Some girls find it so effortless to see the computer screen more clearly and like to lean forward on their desks. But this position just oppression to the chest, will squeeze the fat on both sides of the armpit; lose the contents of the lower hemisphere, the results can be imagined.

Countermeasures: leave the desktop

When we were young, we learned that the correct sitting position is to punch the chest off the table. If you are too forgetful, it is better to wear an exaggerated three-dimensional plastic necklace to remind ourselves.

Correct posture Keywords: abdomen straight waist

2, wrong sitting posture 2, crooked leaning

Few people's posture is completely symmetrical, either leaning to the left or to the right. A slight imbalance is of course OK, but since we spend a long time in front of the computer every day, twisting a few hours in one direction will cause the muscles to "remember" the posture, pulling the spine out of the S-shaped side, Caused by the level of shoulder, the breast naturally there will be high and low, the visual side of the chest caused by sagging.

Countermeasures: exercise release

Distorted muscles not only affect the body shape, sometimes it can cause soreness. We need to relax tight muscles often. It is helpful to practice the "tree" posture in yoga, which helps us to maintain the balance between the muscles on both sides and the upward extension to make the body slender. Pay attention to: do not feel good to finish the side, it is the muscle weak side, more to practice. In addition, professional massage also has a relaxing physiotherapeutic effect.
Correct posture Keywords: upright balance

3, wrong sitting posture three, humpback

What is the relationship between hunchback and drooping? Hunchback people center of gravity forward, the upper body is lit up, the chest was "shrouded" in this curve. Moreover, humpback is often accompanied by "round shoulder", shoulders forward slack, equal to the relaxation of the chest skin, but can not resist the gravity.

Countermeasures: Strengthen the back muscles

Do some exercise on the back of the muscles, not only can have the United States back curve, better to wear halter dress; also make people naturally hold their shoulders, lift the chest line, to become a beautiful "clothes rack." Recommended climbing, it is easy to get started, shoulder and arm curve training is very effective, and the main action to stretch, not out of too thick muscle mass; movement are basically the rise of the head, but also the way to maintain the cervical spine.

Correct posture Keywords: look upright


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