How long with a small suit to teach you how long with a small suit

Small suit collocation as more and more fashion style, so a small suit with crush also compulsory oh, small suit style now who knows how to match, but your match is not very ordinary? Without a bit of innovation, the little suit of fall suits teach you how to match the most eye-catching little suit.


iamso favorite women's 2013 autumn and winter new small suit with a black suit is the most common style, but also the most popular, black wild people can not help but choose a small black suit, this black long paragraph small suit, Using a long way with a long, long with long T, boots style, that shows the professionalism of women, there are fashion with the beauty.

长款小西装怎么搭配 教你长款小西装里面怎么搭配

Now a popular European version of the type, referred to as the European version of the European version of the style with three-dimensional sense, put on a special handsome, favorite ladies this small suit color stitching, breaking the original small suit old-fashioned, more personality , The same ride with long paragraph ok. (Source: iamso-favorite women's 2013 autumn and winter new )

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