How to choose a room textile decoration?

Room textile decorations include wall coverings (now mostly wallpapers), carpets, curtains, sofa towels, bedding, etc., with a wide variety of colors and colors. Some people buy curtains when they see this kind of curtains today, and buy the tablecloths when they see the tablecloth tomorrow. When I got it at home, it was disappointing. It was not as beautiful as it was seen in the store. It was even messy and boring. Why is the contrast so large? The reason is that people neglect an important factor in the purchase of a single piece of textile, namely the color of the furniture and the harmonious relationship between light and pattern. To make the color harmonious and beautiful, pay attention to the following three points. (1) The main color. Curtains, tablecloths, carpets, bedding, etc., should be combined with the color of the furniture and the wall to determine a main color, so that it constitutes the main main color of the room. For example, the color is blue (cool color), and it is matched with light blue, grayish blue, milky white, etc., to show elegance and calmness; chocolate color (warm color) is the main color, with beige, coffee and other colors. It looks soft and pleasant.

The main color is the first impression that people should avoid. The color contrast is too strong and too complicated to prevent the unification of the whole.

(2) Matching color. The color that plays a role in the main color. Generally speaking, each room should have a fun center, which highlights the focus of the room, so that people can be attracted to it as soon as they enter the house. For example, the layout of the bedroom can be centered on the bed, that is, the color of the textile decorations on the bed is bright and rich; the reception room can be centered on the sofa, that is, the color of the textile decorations such as the sofa towel and the coffee table cloth should be rich and colorful. The color of the fun center is the key color of the room, and all other colors only serve as a foil. The key colors are bright, and the matching color should not be bright, but the neutral color should be applied.

(3) Dotted color. Embellished with a finishing touch, it is often used for textile decorations in areas. When walls, curtains, carpets, quilts, etc. are in a harmonious and uniform color, TV sets, pillow covers, etc. can be used in bright, bright, contrasting colors. The result of this treatment is like the same song, and it is graceful and beautiful. However, the embellishment can't be used too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive. As far as the general habit is concerned, the color of decorations such as curtains, wall coverings and carpets should have their own characteristics. Walls should not be used with fresh colors, but light, soft, and cold colors such as apple green, pink green, and lake blue should be used. These colors have the effect of expanding the space and setting off the furniture. The color of the small room wall cloth should be consistent with the furniture, and the brightness should be higher. The color of the carpet is suitable for deep warm colors, such as deep red, deep coffee, deep red and so on. They can give people a sense of grandeur and calmness. Generally, the walls of the room should be in a color that is coordinated with the color of the furniture and not too close. If the curtain is double-layered, the transparent layer should be light in color and the outer layer should be opaque.

In addition, special circumstances can be treated separately, for example, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, indoors should not use red, yellow sheets, tablecloths, curtains, etc.; poor eyesight is best to use green decorations to reduce eye fatigue; appetite For bad people, red, orange-red tablecloths can be used to stimulate appetite. Generally speaking, the rooms of elderly or frail patients should use warm-colored decorations, which can make people happy, enhance metabolism, and contribute to physical and mental health. The decorations for young people's rooms should be cool, which makes the room look quiet and fresh, fresh and refined, elegant and comfortable. Children's room decorations should be bright and rich in color to suit their innocence and liveliness. In short, the color of the room textile decorations should be selected according to factors such as furniture, personality, taste, occupation, age, etc., pay attention to harmony and coordination, beautiful and comfortable.


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