How to do new shoes?

[This site - shoes and life] 1, the new shoes before wearing a candle to wear the inner surface of the shoes easy to wear the parts, when worn shoes become as comfortable as the old shoes.

2. Stick a band-aid on the inner surface of the shoe that is easy to rub the foot. It is just a matter of a few days before the shoe gradually adapts to the shape of the foot.

3, if it is leather shoes, you can also rub some alcohol or vinegar, and then rub it by hand, can play a role in softening the skin.

4, if it is because the shoes are thin or some squeezed feet, you can go to the shoe repair shop to take a look, of course, be careful deformation

If it is a leather shoe, wear a hair dryer for a few minutes before you wear it.

If it is a summer flip flop, smear it with wax;

There is also a way to wipe the rubbed area with vinegar or alcohol to make it soft. Or after the vinegar is sprayed, the plastic bag is temporarily sealed. It is also possible to stick a band-aid on the foot, or to a special shoe store, where there is a special treatment.

These methods I have tried, the effect is good, in addition to buying shoes must try more, buy your own foot type, or else inevitably inevitably.

In addition, you can soak the place with white wine or alcohol.

There is also a transparent band-aid that can be worn on the feet or on the shoe.

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