Hubei Province Fiber Inspection Bureau makes every effort to build consulting service platform

In 2012, the Hubei Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau mobilized and organized cadres and staff from the ground up to the grassroots level, approached the two major industries of cotton and textiles, played the technological advantages of fiber inspection agencies, explored new models for service companies, and conducted training, consulting, customer service, and information. Services such as release and technical support reflect the personalized, differentiated, and refined service features of Hubei Fiber Inspection, and the transition from a simple inspection and inspection to a comprehensive service approach has been realized.

The first is that propaganda and training are of high level and cover a wide range. Entrusted by the National Cotton Engineers Office, successfully completed the examination organization work for the national cotton quality inspector qualification examination; organized and organized 98 registered cotton inspectors in nine central and southern provinces to continue the education and training work; took the lead in the nationwide to hold five provinces and cities in South China. The cotton standard publicized the mobilization meeting; comprehensively initiated the training of Hubei's cotton standards for publicity and color-level inspection techniques, and plans to train about 350 people in six phases. Currently, it has trained 159 people in three phases; The “Batie” local standards publicized meeting; carried out the standard and laws and regulations propaganda activities for some kindergartens, colleges, textiles, clothing and fiber products.

The second is the new form of advisory services, which has great influence. In-depth launch of the “Yang Fiber Inspection Site, Kindergarten, and Community” series of activities, which was well received by all sectors of society; the Group launched the “Group Purchasing Quality Control” activity, and conducted special inspections on the quality assurance capabilities of fiber product manufacturing and processing companies participating in the Group's procurement. The society publishes a list of qualified companies, and inspects inspections made by group procurement agencies such as education and civil affairs, and proposes rectification opinions to help enterprises improve their product quality and management level in light of the company's existing weak quality links; "And other popular science activities. The organizers participated in the Science and Technology Week organised by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Using the CU fiber projector on-site inspection, they explained to the public the differences in the internal structure and form of different fiber materials, and introduced some fiber identification methods. Fewer people stop to watch and consult. In the usual daily business acceptance process, the combination of business acceptance and consulting work and personalized training services are combined. In the first half of the year, a total of 128 person-times of consultations were received. Personalized training is provided. 59 on-site publicity and counseling, providing the latest version of product standard information 82 person-times; opening of QQ online platform exchange, business consulting line, acceptance of quality complaints, organization of customer satisfaction survey and other services, real-time online consulting training and exchange; In the first half of the year, we provided technical support and other services to the textile enterprises in the measurement and verification of 139 spinning equipments, cotton moisture collection and processing companies online moisture analyzers, micronaires and impurity machines, and 655 pieces of instruments, and the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences HVI. station.

The third is the zero distance of customer service and strong pertinence. The "Customer Service Work Program" and "Customer Service File" have been further improved. The system of customer specialists and the graded service system for customers have been optimized. One-to-one service for large customers and key customers has been achieved; for large customers such as enterprises and shopping malls, In the past two years, the law enforcement inspections in the field of production and sales have targeted the preparation of “Quality Analysis Opinions”, analyzed the reasons for the non-conformities of the unqualified batches, put forward quality control suggestions, and put customers in accordance with the scale and inspection of the company. The quantity is divided into large customers, general customers and potential customers at several levels, timely on-site service, and initiative to provide business consulting and suggestions. The company's production process and technical problems are solved as much as possible. Problems that cannot be answered on the spot will also be brought back. After comprehensively reviewing the opinions of relevant departments, the company responded to customers and received praise from the company.

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