In the early spring, cream-colored costumes match with a small fresh gesture.

On March 4th this site , the cream-colored dress is more like a delicious macarons of cocoa and cream, making the “taste” more interesting. Cream is a color that can make people feel happy and delusional. The inspiration and anger that it permeates make people happy and inspiring. Adding a sweet cream to the intense and bright colors instantly becomes affinity. Let's see who is the most beautiful "creamy beauty" on the red carpet.

Bai Xiehui's delicate pink long dress wore a feminine and cute femininity, and it wasn’t a contradiction to say that these traits were together at once.

Li Bingbing was dressed in the Gucci 2013 spring-summer series to attend a new watch conference in Lijiang. The color of tender yellow is very tender and age-reduced. What should ice and ice wear?

The soft green color made Jiang Qinqin look a lot younger, and the big deep V chest is not only ridiculous, but it seems natural under the fresh color.

Song Jia's cream-orange dress is fresh and chic, with a combination of orange lines of varying brightness and body lines, instantly making her fresh and stylish.

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