Innovative marketing don't forget consumers

Some time ago, I was eating with a few friends. If you don't have a drink, you need to drink some white wine to help you, but what kind of wine do you drink? At this time, a friend saw a new product of a certain brand that was recently advertised on the counter of the hotel. From the product packaging, it feels very good. So I am ready to drink this wine.

But when the wine was opened, the problem came out. To be honest, the bottle cap of this wine was very special, so we couldn't open it and toss it for a long time. It was impossible to pour the wine into the glass. Ask the waiter to come and help, she said after reading, this wine is only into their store sales, they do not know how to open the wine. Later, a friend was too aggressive, and the bottle was cut off at once. The wine could be poured into the cup, but no one could guarantee that the broken glass did not fall into the bottle, so we would not dare Adventure to drink this wine.

In fact, in our daily life, we often encounter such many products because it is difficult to open the packaging smoothly and affect the further consumption of consumers, thus affecting the further sales of the products.

Nowadays, in order to have a competitive advantage in products, many companies make a fuss about product differentiation and innovate. The difference and innovation of product packaging is also an important way for enterprises to establish competitive advantage. However, the pursuit of differences alone may bring misunderstandings to enterprises, and it is likely that the company will have a favorable situation.

Now with the accelerated pace of consumer life, in terms of product selection, it will be considered in terms of convenience and practical considerations. Products that cause trouble for them often give them the option to abandon. They don't pay for the products that cause trouble for the company simply pursuing differentiation, even though the company has paid a lot of cost and price for this difference innovation. If it brings trouble to consumers, then all this will be They have nothing to do with it.

The above liquor company, I believe it has also worked hard on this product, the new cap design will undoubtedly increase the cost of this product. However, because it will give consumers unnecessary troubles in consumer consumption, this design highlights the difference, but the result is a serious product defect for consumers, which refuses further consumption. .

Therefore, this requires our company to innovate only for differences when it comes to product differentiation innovation. It is necessary to consider whether my product brings more convenience to consumers from the perspective of consumers, rather than trouble, otherwise this innovation will not be worth mentioning. In the product design process, you can first consider this issue from the perspective of the consumer, or invite ordinary consumers to do the test. If this principle is violated, the company will inevitably pay a higher price. Because no one is willing to pay for trouble.

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