Interpretation of market of chemical fiber fabrics

Into the second half of February, Jiangsu and Zhejiang fabrics market, the fabric sales lag time, some spring and summer fabrics, textile fabrics trading warming. Among them, the filament Oxford cloth, stretch Ma Ma become the best-selling professional surface of the market, lining. Filament oxford fabric adopts 135D / 36F polyester filament as raw material, weaving plain weave on water jet loom, dyeing, silver coating and water repellent treatment. It has the advantages of good tensile strength, waterproof and shading characteristics. Cloth width of 150 cm, weighing 110 grams per gram, the current wholesale market price of 10 yuan per meter, rich background, can make the best purchase. Silver waterproof Oxford cloth is a car cover, tents, luggage lining, outdoor fabric choice, the current stock transactions, but also bulk sample order, there are some export orders. Stretch Accomplishments Ma products using polyester / polyester composite wire 50D +50 D × polyester DTY100D +40 D as raw material, weaving specifications for the 126 × 64, use fine twill weave in the water jet loom, after pre-shrink, stereotypes, dyeing and finishing fine Processed. Cloth appearance fresh, texture, feel, style, function are better than conventional Saotu linen. Cloth width of 145 cm, weighs 130 grams per m, the market finished cloth Closing price of 9.00 yuan / m, suitable for the production of casual wear, skirts and so on. Spring and Autumn Ding fabric both longitude and latitude lines are Polyester DTY150D / 48F, with plain weaved organization in the water jet loom intertwined, fabric weaving sparse, but not easy to tear, breathable, light texture, mold, anti-pollution function is excellent, style unique. Fabric by dyeing and finishing, light coating (PVC), punching embroidery process, the fabric beautiful and delicate. Cloth width of 182 cm, 3.00 yuan per meter cloth market price of about 120 grams, the color to milk white, yellow, light blue and other light-based. Cloth quality good models, affordable, widely used in hotels and home bath curtains, but also stylish tablecloths, sales increasingly smooth. Terry Lun fabric with polyester FDY68D / 18F as raw material, using plain weave change organization, in water jet or shuttle loom intertwined, delicate texture, novel style, fabric dyeing, waterproof coating, matte, set decoration, drape Sexual, waterproof in one. Colorful products, cloth width of 160 cm to 280 cm, the wholesale price of finished products 3.80 yuan to 5.20 yuan / m. Terri Wong is not only home decoration ideal fabric, but also a sunny umbrella fashion materials. Gold velvet fabric polyester FDY50D and DTY75D-based raw materials, weaving machine in the warp knitting, the product has a strong body and strong, soft fabric feel, hair strong sense. After the pretreatment, the dye is heat-set and wet-treated before dyeing to form a fabric which shrinks in density and increases in density. Flame-retardant elements are added to the dyed fabric, and then hot-pressed and hot-pressed to achieve gloss and fiber straightening effect. Products for home curtain fabric, car decoration fabrics, sofa sets of cloth, luggage linings and cushions and other fields, cloth width 160 cm ~ 230 cm, about 170 grams per square meter cloth, the current wholesale price of listed fabric is 22.50 yuan per kilogram, as many as 30 varieties of color varieties. Jindian Textile 230T nylon polyester warp 70D nylon filament FDY, weft polyester FDY150D bright silk intertwined. Raw materials with reasonable, both nylon fabric style, there are bright silk polyester color. After dyeing and finishing feel supple, comfortable to wear, soft and not wrinkle, take good sex. Cloth width of 148 cm, the market price of white rice per meter at about 3.80 yuan, can be dyed black, green oil, dark coffee more than 10 kinds of colors, to meet the modern fashion personality of the pursuit of individual needs. Wide range of products, can do home textiles, jackets, windbreaker, but also can be used as high-end apparel lining cloth. Nylon-cotton conductive fabric fabric warp 70D nylon yarn, 16S cotton weft as a + conductive filament, the use of high quality raw materials imported conductive silk, air-jet loom weaving, fabric by the relaxation, desizing, dyeing, finishing and so on. Products used in raw materials and innovative design, feel soft, smooth and slippery waxy, shiny natural. At present, the listed color is light green, dark gray, camel ash, coffee, yellow and so on more than 10 kinds. Finished fabric width of 150 cm, weight 120 grams, the price of 15.00 yuan / m. Products are widely used in military, medical, electronic industry, anti-static clothing, gloves and related products. The current market trading order-based. Conductive gabardines fabric polyester DTY150D, weft polyester FDY300D as raw material, and in the weft doping conductive static fibers, the use of Tiggo weaving in the water jet loom, after pre-shrinking, stereotypes, alkali reduction, dyeing and finishing A variety of processing technology. Fabrics look beautiful, feel good dip, colorful, cloth width of 150 cm, about 220 grams per square meter cloth, the current wholesale price per meter at 13.50 yuan. Fabric widely used in petrochemical, electronics, military and aerospace fields. Composite silk screen yarn with high silk fabric warp 50DFDY + 50DPOY, weft using 150D / 48F polyester DTY wire to strengthen twist, the use of plain weave in water jet loom weaving. After stereotypes, dyeing, printing process from. Product design beautiful, feel soft and slippery, easy to care, not easy to fold, cloth width of 150 cm, weight of 164 grams per m, the current wholesale market price of 8.00 yuan per meter cloth. Products can do women's shirts, dresses and so on. Recent sales are expanding, volume increased steadily. Suede leopard hot-stamping products using island wire and polyester FDY50D / 24F as raw material, weaving in high-speed warp knitting machine. After pre-shrinking, stereotypes, dyeing, hot-flower process from. Beautiful appearance products, elegant design, comfortable to wear, take good sex. Cloth width of 150 cm, weight 260 grams per m, the current wholesale price per meter is listed at 22.00 yuan, the majority of light colors. Cloth suitable for the production of casual wear and dresses, raw materials with appropriate products, give full play to the softness of the island wire, welcomed by downstream customers.


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