Interpretation of the color of the woman's temperament autumn and winter underwear color selection

This is the era of the pursuit of sensual pleasure, the body and soul return to the natural innocence, simplicity and sensuality, the color worn on a woman as a woman's temperament, a woman should begin to show their own details and focus on themselves in the details, inadvertently , Gestures vote, from every detail began to display the charm of charm. Creative imagination so that everyone can create their own paradise.

思婕环球 - LaEIBELLE

Photo Credit: Riebel underwear 2013 autumn and winter new products

Smooth fabric, coupled with the peacock blue color, an unprecedented luxury from the inside distribution, light coffee color plush stitching embellishment in the cup along the more warm autumn and winter, supporting the overall pants more Sexy, distribute feminine charm.

用颜色演绎女人的性情  秋冬内衣颜色选择

Photo Credit: Riebel underwear 2013 autumn and winter new products

Polarized purple and lovely polka dots embellished with a full set of underwear, 3/4 cup gathers very good results, easy to have a sexy cleavage, side fungus side decoration highlighting cute girls, orange bow decoration, the formation of a significant collision Color effect.

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