Is Swarovski crystal necklace expensive?

Swarovski crystal necklace is expensive? Swarovski artificial crystal cutting process is world-famous, and each season's design is also new, the price, generally from more than 1,000 to more than 3,000, if it is a rope chain Within 1000 yuan.

As a kind of jewelry, the crystal necklace has conquered the hearts of countless women with crystal clear, dreamy and shiny materials and effects.

1, crystal brittle, please take it lightly and do not press it, keep away from high temperature.

3, please avoid the crystal jewelry to touch the chemical containing detergents and other items, do not wear crystal jewelry in the case of bathing, washing your face, washing your hands, washing dishes, swimming, etc.

4. Do not wash crystal jewelry with water to avoid indelible watermarks.



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