Ju Menglai Home Textiles: Different rooms in summer should choose different mats

In the summer, all kinds of summer cool products will be sold hot, especially the mat, which is almost indispensable for every family. However, do you know? In the summer, different styles of rooms should choose different mats. Today, we invite the Mengmeng Family Consultant to introduce the selection methods and techniques of the mats of different types of rooms, as well as the related knowledge points that should be noted.

Ordinary room selection bamboo mat

The bamboo mat will become very cold in the air-conditioned room, and the thermal conductivity is not very strong. The function of easily lowering the body temperature also makes the bed in the air-conditioned room cool. But in non-air-conditioned rooms, bamboo mats have come in handy. The temperature in non-air-conditioned rooms is relatively high, and the traditional bamboo mat is the best choice.

The bamboo mat has a high degree of coolness and is suitable for people who are afraid of heat. Easy to clean, durable and wear-resistant, the most important thing is that it is the easiest to change the temperature with the change of human body temperature, which can achieve long-term coolness.

Air-conditioned room

Not all mats are suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. Because the temperature of the air-conditioned room is low, you should use a soft, comfortable mat, and the texture and materials must be close to the skin, so that people will not be cold in their sleep.

The straw mat is naturally fine, cool and smooth, and has good air permeability. It can adjust the body surface temperature and is especially suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. It is best to choose a straw mat that has the characteristics of cool, smooth, mildew, no discoloration, abrasion resistance and no hairiness.

The linen mat also has the same advantages. Under the premise of heat dissipation, it can naturally adjust the temperature of the human body, making it difficult to catch cold in the case of air conditioning.

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