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Laitisei is a China under the Lightness Group under the European lingerie brand , which was founded in Europe and has been exported to Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other regions. In 2001, Lightness set up The Lattice Group Company in Hong Kong with great concentration on the Chinese market.

莱特妮丝 - Lightness

In 1973, Lightness originated in Europe, the brand in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and other global registration and sales. Lattice Fashion Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company under lightness International Group, specializing in the production of functional underwear-based international enterprises. Laitisei adhering to the "woman's founder of happiness," the mission of many years of painstaking study of Asian women's physical characteristics and aesthetic needs, always grasp the trend of the pulse, adhere to the use of the latest high-tech fabrics. "Her" emphasis on ergonomic mechanics, emphasizing comfort and health, with high-quality international new fabrics and top fashion design. "She" to promote elegant, stylish, healthy underwear life concept, leading the new wave of women's fashion.


Lattice adhering to the "women's happiness founder" mission, always grasp the trend of the pulse, adhere to the use of the latest high-tech fabrics, the concept of female happiness-based, to guide the global women's health, beautiful fashion life. It emphasizes ergonomic principles, emphasizing comfort and health. Adhere to high-quality sewing standards, with high-quality international new fabrics and top fashion design, intimate for women to create a more perfect and more confident products.

Women's Dress style is fit for the spring and summer, so almost basic style use bright-coloured print and dye for fabric, usually fashion style needs embroidery, special print and paillette in the main parts of clothes or fabric, and some dazzling styles are even sewing diamond on neck and chest by handmade. Nomally spring and summer style in thin and breathable material which like cotton, polyester, T/C, linen etc, and autumn and winter style in thick and warn material which like cotton, polyester etc, but fabirc needs thick.

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