Lee Lang: behind the best-selling, Chinese men's brand marketing model

Recently, Lilang men's clothing brand won the 2011-2012 best-selling men's brand in China's honorary title. It is reported that the selection of activities by the China National Business Information Center, China Department Stores Business Association, China Textile News, Clothing Times co-sponsored. Activities designed to attract and promote the rapid and healthy development of China's garment industry; establish an excellent public brand image of China's garment industry; improve the market competitiveness of the apparel brand and social reputation; reasonably mobilize all resources in the apparel industry chain; establish mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation Mechanism; strengthen China's garment industry towards the international pace. According to the organizers, the event took full account of the brand's visibility, regional influence, management experience, market development capabilities and other soft targets, but also take full account of brand sales, shopping malls, capital strength, channel value and other specific indicators. The selection method adopted the top 20 brand apparel sales in the country according to the statistics of 100 large-scale shopping centers, 50 well-known professional apparel markets and the 2011 China National Commercial Information Center. Subsequently, the organizers, department stores, professional apparel market, the apparel industry veteran experts, the media review panel composed of professional judges final award-winning brands. (Figure) Lee Lang won the 2011-2012 best-selling men's brand in China 2012, due to the global economic environment of inflation, the decline in consumer purchasing power, as well as the existence of China's apparel industry itself, product homogeneity, lack of brand characteristics due to lack of competitiveness , The brand expansion rate exceeded the growth rate of the market and other reasons, many Chinese clothing brands are facing the pressure of sales. In the same market pressure and industry environment, Lilang was able to counter-current, the products continue to sell well in the Chinese market. In the Lang Lang Zhejiang market during the visit, the reporter found that Lang Lang has become able to become China's best-selling men's brand, can not be separated from these key words: precise positioning, advancing with the times, hard work. It is these several key words in series Lili Lang men's thriving in the Chinese market, but also to Lilang become China's men's brand marketing model. Precise positioning deeply rooted Brand positioning is the primary task of brand management, is the foundation of brand building, brand management is the prerequisite for success. At the beginning of each brand, each brand will seek its own brand positioning in the vast market and guide the building of brand image, product style and so on for a certain period of time. Know little, the importance of brand positioning also self-evident. The positioning of the brand not only standardizes the enterprise's own development. It is also an effective way for consumers to better understand the brand culture and identify brand values. However, some brands choose to develop a brand positioning, just "wishful thinking" to promote high-end positioning to consumers, while ignoring the brand's own building, product style and so on. The Lee Lang brand is different, after many years of brand management, Lee Lang business men's positioning and "simple but not simple" slogan enjoys popularity is obvious to all. (Figure) Chen Daming Lilang 2012 commercials During the visit, it happens that there is an agent from Zhejiang Anji Wang to consult agents Lee Lang brand agency related matters. During the conversation, Mr. Wang said frankly that he particularly likes Lilloung spokesman Chen Daoming and "simple but not simple" slogan. In his circle, there are many politicians and businessmen who are highly respected for Lilang brand. In many consumers, Lee Lang is synonymous with business men, is a symbol of successful people. It is precisely because of this clear and precise positioning, it has created the intention to join Lee Lang brand. Brand "fresh", Everlasting After more than 20 years of brand operation, Lilang formed a more sophisticated marketing system. But at the same time, Lee Lang brand also will become the hearts of consumers in the old men. This is another fashion pressure for a men's fashion brand. In order to maintain consumer freshness of the brand, the brand to create a lasting new qualities, Lee Lang men never stopped pace with the times. Innovation is Lee won one of the magic of the market. Whether it is the product style or the terminal image, and even for the "simple and not simple" interpretation, Lilang business men will be based on market demand-oriented, and constantly with a new attitude for the consumer. It is understood that this year is also Lee Lang change year. Only in Zhejiang Province, there will be forty or fifty flagship stores in the country, there will be more than a thousand stores to upgrade the image of the terminal. In addition, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the new commercials Chen Tao filming and release. When Lilang in New York shouted "our time is coming," consumers see a national brand full of international elements. (Figure) Lee Lang 2012 "Our Times" advertising filming re-execution, to win in the terminal all the brand positioning and brand marketing strategy can achieve the desired effect, ultimately depends on the executive's execution. The Lilang men positioning accuracy, superb marketing strategy, when converted into market sales are inseparable from the terminal store's concerted efforts. The Lang Lang Zhejiang Branch General Manager Wang Songqing is a hands-on work attitude and lead by example, led all colleagues in the Zhejiang area to work together in the first line of sales. Through two days of brief exposure, Wang was particularly cautious about market development. Site from the store to the flagship store decoration, display from the shelf to the product display, the king will go through careful consideration. "As the leading business men's wear brand in China, Lilang has formed a good reputation among consumers, and as the frontline of communication with consumers, Lilang always presents itself in the most perfect manner to consumers." Wang The total explanation. Lee Lang Zhejiang Branch General Manager Wang Songqing (third from left) tube in the jigsaw, can be seen. After understanding of the market in Zhejiang, we are not hard to read out the reason why Lilang men's best-selling Chinese market. As a mature marketing men's brand, Lilang China Menswear brand marketing model.

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