"Little tiger wanny" children's wear a brand from the fairy tale world

Tiger "Hanny" is based on the world fairy tales. Tiger "Hanny" is a fair, kind, smart, courageous elf, he is lively and lovely, clever, open-minded, enthusiastic, and courage in fighting the bad guys. He is smart, cute, sincere, confident, humorous and yet naughty and stylish personality, with a lot of excellent quality. HANITIGER "is a special English for" tiger tianyanni ", and its characters are designed in a childlike font style to reflect that the product is aimed at children. The logo uses a tiger with a simple and fair personification as the main design element; Seriously filled with the desire for knowledge; locked eyes show the young tiger wanny puzzled and thinking about new things; micro-side of the tiger's innate witness, ready to adapt to change at any time. The innocence, curiosity and alertness of a growing child are common features that children should possess. The image of a small tiger, Wanny, reflects the commonality in a more exaggerated manner and becomes the representative of the child's heart. "COLLECTION" And five-pointed star, expressed the "tiger wanny" brand to create "quality" as the goal. "Five-star" service for the brand management philosophy. Logo overall color through a large area of ​​cold colors, clearly marked the The main image of "tiger Hanny." "Little tiger wanny" to the true colors of the tiger's main colors dark yellow, white and black design, color Appropriate proportion of the proportion of the tiger Hanny clear and refreshing image of the ice blue blue ice represents wisdom, calm, steady yellow ribbon not only in the composition of the logo gives the dynamic, but also make the logo more vivid colors. Shape is a medal, meaning "tiger wanny" brand will create a new chapter in the industry, "tiger wanny" brand will be deeply rooted and become an iconic brand.

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